i used a hairband to turn my hand mixer into a stand mixer.

Popahv is a mime, and thus doesn't speak, but he's also non violent, so when he needs to Aggressively Convert Imps to the clown church (clurch) so that he won't have to fight them, he has to make them read them read the ten page sermon he typed out on his phone.

so someone explain the difference between trollian and the doomed timelines thing to me?

Confession: I love drawing big beefy dudes. Yuulon and Wujing basically exist to satisfy that urge. Also they're in love.

When I first started working on Paradox Lost, Fenwan and Tonshi were the undisputed favs. Then because of Story Reasons their volumes ended up being almost at the end, which is actually the worst.

It's really hard for me to pick a favorite among the Paradox Lost trolls, but Qinshi is really high up there and just love drawing her cute face.

Questions are welcome! Otherwise I'm just gonna post more doodles of my kids, because I love all of them so much it's probably unhealthy.

I've spent about a year developing the story and putting together the first volume (i even commissioned some really awesome original music from @characomposer Jake Gamelin on twitter) and I'm dying to finally show it off.

Paradox Lost is a fansim with ambitions of being a full fanventure ala Vast Error. The first volume (which I hope to finish this month) will feature Shoyao. The story is based primarily on famous Chinese legends like the Legend of White Snake, The Butterfly Lovers, The Oxherd and the Weaver Girl, and The Widow Jiyang, plus Journey to the West and just a pinch of Paradise Lost.

okay now that I've lured you in with fan art, now I get to talk about the game I'm working on, AKA my 12 beautiful children and how I am going to make you Love Them.

pt 3 of the caste party posts! that's every caste, and every troll from both homestuck and hiveswap, including the two canon fantrolls and Cridea (the seadweller taking a selfie) who's been confirmed to appear in hiveswap but hasn't shown up yet. Yep, that's every single troll! I definitely haven't left anyone out!

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