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here IT Is

"STIll AlIve buT I cAN'T feel
I goT sTuff INsIde buT ITs NoT reAl
They sAy I'm fINe buT I feel syNTheTIc
NoThINg humAN lefT IN me."

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selfie. also changed my quirk one last time, should be fuckin readable now.

WIP, Troll Art, Commission 

mun talky 

Mun Face, Selfie, A rare mun appears! 

dude I smoked some doPe shIT becAuse I kId you NoT, I sweAr I'm geTTINg TrANsmIssIoNs from sPAce bro

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If you're trans? You're valid.

If you're nonbinary? You're valid.

If you're gender fluid? You're valid.

If you're cis? You're valid.

If you're literally any gender identity that makes you comfortable in your skin and you're so fucking happy with yourself you're VALID.

But if you're a homophobe/transphobe you're invalid and I don't support you.

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