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vvalentine auditions ok
must include:
-favvorite song
-favvorite character
-favvorite aesthetic
k thanks

(ミዕᆽዕミ)< galekh makes me hyuuuuuu

(ミዕᆽዕミ)< lanque is just a mean troll james charles

(ミዕᆽዕミ)< he just,,, hes so good

(ミዕᆽዕミ)< tagora is just,,,

(ミዕᆽዕミ)< nihk33 could kill me and id thank her

(ミዕᆽዕミ)< oh worm?
(ミዕᆽዕミ)< art by p-pamda

(ミዕᆽዕミ)< they just make me <3

(ミዕᆽዕミ)< i have a thing FUR buff women who could crush me

(ミዕᆽዕミ)< nihk33 is also neat

(ミዕᆽዕミ)< konyyl is just so neat

(ミዕᆽዕミ)< my favorite hiveswap character is konyyl

(ミዕᆽዕミ)< me: starts singing
(ミዕᆽዕミ)< me: notices dad on the same couch
(ミዕᆽዕミ)< me: panics and stops

(ミዕᆽዕミ)< why are almost no online group drawing sites capable of proPURR tablet support

(ミዕᆽዕミ)< fucking hell!! i cant get a break, can i?

(ミዕᆽዕミ)< ew nvm drawpile is fucking up my drawing too!

(ミዕᆽዕミ)< my drawpile session is " the baby is MEW! "

(ミዕᆽዕミ)< i kinda hate drCLAWception and because their support FUR drCLAWing tablets is incredibly shitty

(ミዕᆽዕミ)< oh!!! juggalo meulin

(ミዕᆽዕミ)< he he im learning cursewords rn

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