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Anyways, I should probably list my other accounts
- @raadglare
- @gyro ( obvious )
The last one is . I don't wanna ruin the fun.

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I ID as roblox pucci when dr phil is around

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* Sexy pose * hey there, would like to join the worm snorting club?

ok gn

gn A LL
me and kiggy sleep now
also holly: mwauh :3c you better schleep or i'll aggressively spam ur tellonya-m

* insert giorno plush dancing to kiss me thru the phone *

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ok i mightve been so gay i forgot to start eating my food so. brb trollian community
note for jaed community: 💖

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i like how according to trollian community every character i kin is just blessed by my touch

Holly I will lightly pat your face, whiplash isnt cool

I accidentally said " kiggy time " out loud and I kinshifted so hard I have whiplash

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