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my onnly memory of berries waas beinng aat junnko aannd everythinng else aafter thaat is aa blur. someonne kinn aassignned me goro aakechi there onnce inn 2019 aanndu m well

TT: Once a month we should do a poll for if we do a scratch to see if at some point society agrees to nuke everything.

clove we wer suipposed to be waatchinng somethinng. im goinng to straap you to aa chaair aannd force you to waatch aannime with me nnow aannd its nnot evenn goinng to Holy shit why is the chaar limit like thaat Goinng to be onne of th onnes you like

i guess people kinnd-of-saaw me progressinng from 14 to 18 ENNTIRELY through clove beinng aa fuckinng weirdo /lol

TT: Still really funny that everyone here has seen me progress from 14 to 18.

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