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i can make all of my old jokes all over again post scratch

♪ʘ♪ T3RM1N4LLY 9NL1N3

♪ʘ♪ TH15 L1N3 FR9M 4 R3V13W C9MPL41N1NG 489UT H9W H3T3R9PH981C 8UT 1'M 4 CH33RL34D3R 4R3 15 59 FUCK1NG FUNNY
♪ʘ♪ L1K3 Y9U'R3 N9T WR9NG, 1 W9ULD 4L59 N9T 83 5TR41GHT 1F M1NK 5T9L3 W45 MY M9M, 8UT L9L

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Megan’s super-Christian parents are cult-movie stalwarts 8ud Cort (Harold and Maude, 1971) and Mink 5tole (Pink Flamingos, 1972), neither of whom does much to make heterosexuality look like a viable lifestyle.

♪ʘ♪ R38U88L3 T9 W4LL9W 1N TH3 5MUT 9F Y9UR H9M953XU4L D3PR4V1TY F9R TH3 R35T 9F Y9UR L1F3

♪ʘ♪ M3G4N: 1 TH1NK 1 M1GHT 83 4 L35814N 83C4U53 9F MY P4R3NT5
♪ʘ♪ M3G4N: 1 M34N, MY M9M W45 1N L1K3 3V3RY 51NGL3 J9HN W4T3R5 M9V13

♪ʘ♪ 8UT 4L59 TH3 5C3N3 WH3R3 H3 K15535 H3R 4ND TH3N 5H3 9P3N5 H3R L9CK3R 4ND 1T'5 G9T 4 F3W P1NUP5 1N TH3R3
♪ʘ♪ 4ND 15 L1K3 "D9N'T Y9U H4T3 1T WH3N TH3Y D9 TH4T?"
♪ʘ♪ P34K C1NN4M9N T9GR4PHY

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♪ʘ♪ WH3N3V3R 1 R3-W4TCH 8UT 1'M 4 CH33RL34D3R 4ND TH3 89YFR13ND'5 L1K3 "Y9U D9N'T 3V3N L1K3 T9 K155 M3" 1'M L1K3
♪ʘ♪ 1 M34N T9 83 F41R
♪ʘ♪ 1 TH1NK 3V3N 1F 5H3 W45 5TR41GHT 5H3 W9ULD 5T1LL H4T3 K1551NG Y9U
♪ʘ♪ Y9U 5UCK 4T 1T

♪ʘ♪ W3LL, 1 L1K3D M9LD9V4N 89Y 84ND5 83F9R3 1T W45 C99L

♪ʘ♪ 4CTU4LLY 1 K33P TH1NK1NG "H3Y 1 5H9ULD W4TCH 4M3R1C4N P5YCH9" 4ND TH3N N9T D91NG 1T
♪ʘ♪ M1GHT G1V3 1T 4 G9 T9M9RR9W, G1V3 MY53LF 4 8R34K FR9M TH3 M9V135 1 H4V3 833N W4TCH1NG
♪ʘ♪ Y'KN9W, W4TCH 83TT3R T45T3 C1N3M4 3TC

♪ʘ♪ TH3R3 4R3 9NLY TW9 F1R3 3M8L3M G4M35 TH4T 4R3N'T R3PR353NT3D 1N 5M45H 8UT W3 C4N M4K3 4 CH4NG3
♪ʘ♪ 51GURD F9R 5M45H 2022

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