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i can make all of my old jokes all over again post scratch

♪ʘ♪ 1 4M 59 FULL 9F P41N 4ND PR98L3M5 4L59

♪ʘ♪ TR9LL14N F4CT: TH3 CH4R4CT3R L1M1T 15 4 L13
♪ʘ♪ 1 TR13D T9 P95T 59M3TH1NG TH4T L9NG 4 F3W T1M35 4ND 1T 4LW4Y5 CR45H35 MY 8R9W53R

creating catgirls for "non hentai reasons" should not 8e allowed and any scientist that attempts it should 8e shot

♪ʘ♪ M3 5331NG 4 F1R3 3M8L3M L9RD: 9F C9UR53 Y9U H4V3 8LU3 H41R 4ND PR9N9UN5

♪ʘ♪ 5H3 4L59 D1D N9T KN9W H9W M4NY DUD35 5H3'D M4RR13D 83F9R3 5H3 D13D 8TW

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♪ʘ♪ MY GR4NDM4 G9T M4RR13D 59 M4NY T1M35 TH4T 8Y TH3 T1M3 5H3 D13D N989DY KN3W H9W M4NY DUD35 5H3'D M4RR13D


♪ʘ♪ 1 4M 5T1LL H4V1NG 4 N9RM4L 4PP3T1T3 WH1CH 15 V3RY G99D 83C4U53 D3CR3453D 4PP3T1T3 15 TH3 W9R5T FUCK1NG 51D3 3FF3CT

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♪ʘ♪ MY PR98L3M 15 TH4T 1 D353RV3 T9 H4V3 45 M4NY 899K5 45 1 W4NT F9R FR33 4ND TH15 D935 N9T H4PP3N
♪ʘ♪ "9H 8UT N94H WH4T 489UT TH3 L18R4RY" TH3 L18R4RY D935 N9T H4V3 Y4R1CH1N 81TCH CLU8 :(


♪ʘ♪ T4K1NG MY Y491 M3TH 1N TH3 M9RN1NG 59 1 C4N 83 M9R3 PR9DUCT1V3 1N M4K1NG Y491

♪ʘ♪ 4N1M3 G1RL WH9 G935 T9 C4TH9L1C 5CH99L T9 K155 G1RL5 4ND U53 TH3 P4G35 9F TH3 818L3 T9 R9LL J91NT5

♪ʘ♪ M4NY P39PL3 D15CU55 41 9N TH3 1NT3LL3CTU4L L3V3L 9F 83L13V1NG J4W5 15 4 D9CUM3NT4RY

"hwæt! we gardena in geardagum þeodcyna þrum gefrunon huða æþelingas ellen fremedon!" is such a raw ass line you'd think it was from shakespeare but it's actually the introduction to 8th-11th century epic poem "Beowulf"

scientists: DO NOT let the solution fall below 80°C or the substance will crystallize, ruining the reaction

NileRed: I put the solution on the hot plate, and left it for a few hours to do it's thing. However, the power went out after an hour, and the solution cooled down enough to form crystals, and i had to start over.

Cody'sLab: So uh, it looks like my old hot plate wasn't up to the task of keeping the solution above 80°C, and the sun is about to set in a few minutes. I think we're gonna call it there for this part, and next week I'll prepare a new solution for the next video.

Ex&F: I'm a little worried about this hot plate, it's been starting to fall lately and I'm real worried about this whole project going yellow. I don't see any ye– wait right there. fuck it's gone yellow

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