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♪ʘ♪ anyway if u want my avatar 2 stick on things
♪ʘ♪ heres the png of it
♪ʘ♪ none of yall have permission 2 use it 4 anything but representing me thank u

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♪ʘ♪ imagine if in like 10, 20, 30 yrs snoop doggs name just becomes synonymous w cookin shows like u think of snoop dogg u think of a cookin show particularly 1 that has snoop in it
♪ʘ♪ n then some1 publishes an article like "hey we all kno world famous tv chef snoop dogg but did u kno hes ALSO an amazing rapper?"

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♪ʘ♪ a good way 2 ensure ur comfort on any masto instance is 2 make good use of the word mute function
♪ʘ♪ not only 4 body text words ud like 2 not see but also if u mute a common or enforced cw such as food or cults none of the posts tagged with it will pop up on ur feed
♪ʘ♪ removing the chance of accidentally opening them n triggering urself n making it also take extra effort to open them as a form of self harm
♪ʘ♪ thx 4 coming 2 my ted talk

♪ʘ♪ wait mickey mouse calls us slurs wasnt just a random shitpost
♪ʘ♪ wild

♪ʘ♪ u cant rlly discuss these things w 0 context 4 em but thats EXACTLY what ppl do anyway
♪ʘ♪ /shrug

♪ʘ♪ the problem w a lot of discourse online abt lgbtq+ history is a lot of the ppl participating in it werent alive 4 it, n have done little 2 no reading of historical lgbtq+ materials

:3< No I can't read þe IPA eiþer I just kinda learn it on þe go

♪ʘ♪ ngl i cant fuckin read the IPA without a reference lol

♪ʘ♪ i think, as some1 who barely comprehends the us
♪ʘ♪ that the midwest is just a distillation of every other part of the us

:33 < as someone from the midwest, there's nothing special about the midwest. can confirm

♪ʘ♪ have friends who when u say "this is my gender" "this is my orientation" "oh this is my partner"
♪ʘ♪ r just happy ur figuring urself out n support u

♪ʘ♪ midwest us americans: being midwestern is abt *thing lots of ppl do, midwest or not*

:33 < bro you are trans! you are going to gain subscriber

♪ʘ♪ do u evr find out some1 grew up rich n instantly understand exactly why theyre Like That

♪ʘ♪ my hypothesis is validated by our active local french user
♪ʘ♪ thank u jane 4 the touché

I have to say.. Valid.. no, even better, touché.

♪ʘ♪ this is exactly what i imagine it would look like if u introduced a french caricature artist 2 megatokyo

♪ʘ♪ a lot of ppl were surprised that code lyoko was a french show, not an anime but tbh
♪ʘ♪ i think the style of it, it definitely reminds me of some distinctively french styles with slight anime influence

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