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i can make all of my old jokes all over again post scratch

my dad was the household soda drinker and diabetic and i grew up to only like diet soda

bluetooth adding in extra skips to the zephyr song
really getting in the spirit huh

if you can't get together with the band for a meal and play some songs it's not the same

yes i know long distance collaboration on music is possible but like, y'know

indie bands are miracles in the way irl d&d groups are
You got enough meatspace friends who can coordinate their schedules for to hang out regularly??

the only reason i am not in a death metal band right now is because i moved

actually i got into korpiklaani because the only people i knew in high school who weren't total dipshits were metalheads and my best bro was a big korpiklaani fan
but the fact that they did a ievan polkka cover and sing about alcohol *helped*

korpiklaani appeals to me as an enjoyer of loud music, weebshit, and alcohol

hate the bluetooth part though
there's no way to plug them in and that's annoying

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gonna try out the most expensive pair of earbuds i have ever held in my hands
....once they're more charged

Me: I will say, nobody has tried to grab MY butt at a club
Roommate: That's cuz you're in a wheelchair!
Me: That is the joke, yes

Incidentally this is why I believe there is no path Despicable Me could've taken besides obscurity or being The Movie With The Minions
like ok it's a sweet and cute film but the only part of it that's actually memetic is the fucking yellow tic tacs

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Like, sure I remember the content of hbomberguy's climate change video, but the only part of it I can just quote is

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quotable things have to be snippets
vines are snippet length so there's no room for anything else

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