Its funny that it got labelled piracy like how pirates used to sail up to poor defenseless ships, forcefully board them and then copy the entire ship and sail away with the copy leaving the original ship to go on its way.

@Alonealastalovedalongthe @kankervantas

Yeah, even calling it piracy is wrong.

It's not piracy, it's just copying something which someone else claims you don't have the necessary permission to do.

@Alonealastalovedalongthe @kankervantas Or that people keep talking about intellectual property like they’d have the right to keep you from thinking about it.

image description 


Piracy Is Not Theft
It's Piracy
a handy guide

two illustrations showing two boxes with a star inside

Theft removes the original
Piracy makes a copy

@kankervantas I think you are describing copyright infringement which is not piracy. It doesn't involve violence and taking things. The copyright industry wanted to make it sound as bad as killing people but we don't need to keep using that term.

@kankervantas I've honestly never found this explanation useful. Most people understand this. It's different stuff like DRM or whether piracy is moral in the first place.
@io @kankervantas they honestly don't understand this. the lobbyists at media companies go and make up stories about how they lose more money than exists in the U.S. economy due to pirates.
@icedquinn @kankervantas ok, fair. I believe that about the MAFIAA. Just in my experience talking to people
@io @kankervantas i used to be an anti-drm advocate. the most typical response you get is "i don't care."

@kankervantas then what? Sure it's not theft, but how do you resolve the livelihood problem?

@SwindlerOfInsanity @kankervantas I would prefer a world like that to be honest, if it could work. And hey, people said ebay couldn't work and they were wrong.
Copyright (especially the 100 years thing) strikes me as culturally quite an ugly thing.

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