Technically I could fix it for other people but it would involve distributing like, PQ code unless I went to way too many lengths to make some sorta patch. So, nah.
Alt: doing a step by step and I'm really not doing that.

So, PQ has a lil bug where Terezi's route registers the wrong achievement (Equius's)
I can only fix it for myself but here's a cap of hers :v

Shoutout to my friend who's super into boybands for helping me with fanventure stuff because I do not know things about musicians

I was gonna say Hot Topic(tm) except like Hot Topic is a store that exists so that's not as funny

I'm so glad a forum game thread I started is, officially, a Hot Topic

I can't think of a funny joke East Alternian name forgive me y'all

East Alternian trolls with 6 kanji long names


My cat got herself trapped in the bathroom cabinet I

I remember when I was working as a nanny the kids were playing a game with some robot or another and were like "Is this a boy robot or a girl robot?" and I suggested "Maybe it's just a robot?"
They decided it was a boy robot.

Gender in character design is very much "male until gendered female"

I'm reminded of like, a lesbian cartoonist talking about how she didn't think as much about how gendered neutrality gets until she started looking at a lot of art by gay men that was like, in a way caricaturizing masculinity. Y'know, like Tom of Finland and such.

But like people who talk about the reader not as an extension of themselves.

In that case I'm not so weirded out because like... Very clearly just going hard on the self-insert thing and placing herself as the reader, considering the specific position they take I'm not like, particularly :? the way I am say, when I see people referring to say, Frisk as "he" or "she"

I've seen like one person refer to MSPA Reader as "she" but her version of MSPA Reader was also like, a ship self insert so.

I realize ultimately they're like, a sort of projection point for people to self-insert on but if you're talking about them as a character... why,

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