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♪ʘ♪ "r u a regular @ a bar if the bartenders kno ur name"
♪ʘ♪ "those bartenders r not learning names"
♪ʘ♪ "yeah"
♪ʘ♪ "yeah that makes u a regular"

♪ʘ♪ h8 when ppl draw their ship as utena n anthy n then make the wrong 1 anthy

♪ʘ♪ i hope free ham sandwich day has free turkey sandwich
♪ʘ♪ ooh or roast beef

♪ʘ♪ 2 every1 on trollian
♪ʘ♪ u r unbanned from free ham sandwich day

♪ʘ♪ "what if we made an ai interpolate this animation 2 look like shit"
♪ʘ♪ what if u didnt

♪ʘ♪ wearing a skull print denim vest over a tiny velvet dress call that uhhh nb trendsetting

♪ʘ♪ and they should be sexy while doing it
♪ʘ♪ this is crucial

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♪ʘ♪ i think we need more fictional nbs who suck
♪ʘ♪ more fictional nbs who are just complete garbage

♪ʘ♪ would u still love me if i referenced 15 yr old snl bits

♪ʘ♪ yusei: its ok 2 ask 4 help
♪ʘ♪ atem: ur not a burden
♪ʘ♪ judai: murder is ok
♪ʘ♪ yugi: ur feelings matter

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