@cronusampora I have a query f9r y9u, which, as a warning, is a rather pers9nal 9ne pertaining t9 y9ur dysph9ria and self-percepti9n, s9 I ap9l9gize in advance if it makes y9u unc9mf9rta6le, and y9u needn't c9ntinue reading 9r resp9nd of such is the case, 6ut it's 6een plaguing my mind all day. Y9u seem t9 have n9 hesitati9n in using y9ur assigned tr9llian 6l99d privilege when p9ssi6le, and advertising that 6l99d status 9nline. I am curi9us as t9 whether this is a difficult admittance t9 y9u, as a human-kin (which I haven't seen y9u menti9n in s9me time? I h9pe s9cietal pressure hasn't c9nvinced y9u t9 g9 6ack int9 the pr9ver6ial cl9set, alth9ugh if y9u simply n9 l9nger identify as human 9f y9ur 9wn v9liti9n that's perfectly valid, h9wever I w9uld h9pe y9u'd ch99se t9 inf9rm me thusly if y9u came t9 such a c9nclusi9n), 9r whether y9u d9 n9t have 6l99d c9l9r related dysph9ria despite y9ur human identity?


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