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:33 < i hate the bureau of balance. all of the other reclaimers make me do the fantasy fortnite dance and shout 'go elfboy go'

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:] < wh0ever t0ld me ii have the viibes 0f s0me0ne wh0 liistens t0 liimp biizkiit: ii thiink ab0ut that daiily. my liife hasn't kn0wn peace.

:] < ii managed t0 beat iit! iits hell. my liife has n0t kn0wn peace

:] < G0D ii criied tryiing t0 beat the secret b0ss iin 0ct0 expansii0n

:] < ii saw the male playable 0ct0liing and went "0h shiit 0h g0ddamniit 0h n0"

:] < ii thiink splat00n iis 0ne 0f th0se liittle thiings that made me realiize ii was trans

:] < ii wiill all0w y0u t0 c0me kiiss my mariina and pearl amiiiib0s 0n the head. therapeutiic

:] < iits n0t w0rth iit br0.......... iits n0t.....

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