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:33 < broke: removing garter as a character completely
:33 < woke: rewriting garter to be a valid kind father figure instead of a cr33p

:33 < ah... i should draw... but artist block..

:33 < its confirmed through very nsfw means but, its canon

:33 < which i could. confirm right here. right now. because i'm stocking and i like girls

:33 < only good thing about the manga is it confirms that stocking likes girls

rewriting paswg to make the following changes:
-garter exists for one episode and that is soley for brief and stocking to beat him up
-brief replaces panty
-brief and stocking are both transmasc sorry i dont make the rules

:33 < we're rewriting paswg. the actual canon has no rights

:33 < why are they doing the transformation scene. in his brain.

brief’s liddol tshirt and him messing with the angels are the only things that happened in the episode

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