so someone explain the difference between trollian and the doomed timelines thing to me?


☄️ @hareofhrair tʀoɬian ʃows ɟust θe posts made bj oθeʀ useʂ of θis instance, wheʀeas doomed timelines includes oθeʀ instances ☄️
☄️ ☄️
☄️ most instances donʔt do much wiθ θe local timeline, but tʀoɬian useʂ tend to use it as a chatʀoom ☄️

@kinase Thank you! that makes sense. I got worried I might have been posting ooc in an IC space for a minute.

☄️ @hareofhrair tʀoɬian geneʀaɬy hoveʂ between diffeʀent kinds of inteʀaction -- θeʀeʔs people who aʀe ʀoleplayiŋ and people who aʀe ɟust θemselves in θe same space. geneʀaɬy θeʀeʔs no stʀict sepaʀation between IC and OOC heʀe, because a) itʔs pʀetʰy obvious when people aʀe ʀoleplayiŋ and b) even when people aʀe ʀoleplayiŋ, itʔs geneʀaɬy "ʀoleplayiŋ as a peʂon whoʔs postiŋ on a website" (θough neveʀ defined θat eχplicitly) ☄️

☄️ @hareofhrair so I (a peʂon who is geneʀaɬy not ʀeaɬy ʀoleplayiŋ but sometimes also is) have had maɲ ʀegulaʀ conveʂations wiθ ʀoleplayiŋ chaʀacteʂ and itʔs pʀetʰy amusiŋ ☄️

@kinase lol yeah I can imagine! It reminds me of the old Flarping site, but that leaned much more towards RP focused so I didn't feel as comfortable just chilling and flinging art at the timeline.

☄️ @hareofhrair yeah! youʔʀe moʀe θan welcome to ɟust θʀow aʈ heʀe. most people who post θeiʀ aʈ also post on θe local timeline about oθeʀ stuff, but θatʔs ɟust peoplesʔ habits, not aɲ soʈ of ʀequiʀement. ☄️

☄️ @hareofhrair also let me know if you want me to ʀepeat aɲθiŋ heʀe wiθout my quiʀk. itʔs a new one θat Iʔm tʀyiŋ out and I know itʔs pʀetʰy unʀeadable ☄️

@kinase thanks, it's not the worst i've seen lol. Ive tried out a couple for my trolls that are absolutely atrocious. One of my clowns replaces the beginning of every word with :ms_blood_type_b: like "buh bwick brown box bumps bover buh blazy bog." You pretty much had to read it out loud and rely on context clues to have a hope of understanding him at all.

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