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oh also I had a weird dream last night. one of the few things that I remember is that nova (in particular) was flying a small plane between the struts on a bridge for some reason.

but I don't know anything about what they look like so my brain just represented them with a 🌃 emoji.

nobody else from trollian was there. just them. and nothing else from the dream was remotely related to trollian. just that one scene.

y'all should have fun on that chat website just please don't lead any of them back here

I'm just tired of having to constantly engage in dealing with messes that other people created

now we have to figure out how to appropriately apologize for and retract it and I do not want to deal with this

someone sent out an incredibly offensive email out while representing a group I'm in and it's pissing me off

I have some very specific things I need to be reminded of in very specific situations and I think something like that would be highly appropriate

but I'm not sure how to get them

okay so important question

where do you get those finger reminder bands that jade had

I'm now afraid of my own future in my science fiction class

hmm maybe I should rework my current story plan for the sf class to contain a gay rivalry

I've said this before, but I'm going to say it again -- read This Is How You Lose the Time War (Goldstone, El-Mohtar) if you want:
- lesbians
- biological transhumanism
- technological transhumanism
- <3<
- time shenanigans

honestly I'm probably not touching on romance much in the stuff I'm planning to write so it's probably going to be more trans than gay

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