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google image search "sideshave" if you want to know what that looks like

*shaves off half of my head to mask my crippling insecurity*

have you considered: drastic reductions in hair length

@kinase i think genderfae is 8eing Any And Every Gender EXCEPT any one thats masculine in any way X3 thats rad as hell

admittedly I haven't heard of "genderfae" in particular but including uncommon genders is a fabulous move on their part

this is from the official button-making list, which I think is very cool

depending on your interpretation we've already figured out how to pass the turing test

*looks at clove* sentient creature? sentient creature? sentient creature?

"transhumanism is our birthright"
no, transhumanism is our HATCHright. like come on.

I think you were short and green and probably dangerous

pretty sure that nyaps has also ended up in at least one of my dreams but not the most recent one, and I don't recall the details

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