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ok imm puttinng it back onn mmy acc i ssaid it wwass ssubject to channge annd itss channginng it timme againn: brro kinn dnni thannkss

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ok sso!!! imm gonnnna usse ce/cirr/cirrss/cirrsself annd fleurr/fleurrss/fleurrsself prronnounnss nnoww!!! you cann sstill usse sshe/they forr mme if yourre rreally wworrrried about mmessssinng themm up but i thinnk id prreferr thesse onness rrnn!!! herress howw to usse themm:

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ok so apparently this wasnt obvious enough but if you ship pedophillia or incest or support ppl who ship it and think theres nothing wrong with that dont fucking ever interact with me like dont even fucking look at my account stay as far away from me as fucking possible youre disgusting thanks

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bro kinnies and honestly just mentions of bro make me super uncomfy so uhh dont interact if youre bro kin and if i see a bro kin acc or someone who talks a ton about bro in a positive way ill probs block you no real hard feelings i just have to take care of my mental health yknow

yess. you cannt rreally tell anny differrennce but i cann ok ty

iss thiss colorr rright i donnt trrusst the wwebssite i founnd it onn

WAIT FUCK i have a lizarrd iconn. thatss becomminng mmy iconn.

thiss iss at a perrssonn i blocked annd wwho wwassnnt onn trrolliann but like ???? rreally???

hmmmm if youve called mme a terrf forr ssayinng that ppl attrracted mmenn sshouldnnt call themmsselvess lessbiannss mmaybe donnt innterract wwith mme????

ussually itss the firrsst onne but like ssommetimmess itss kinnda both annd they have a poinnt but itss nnot onne thatss comminng acrrossss the besst

ssommetimmess mmy brrainn jusst doessnnt prrocessss wworrdss annd i go hmmmm idk wwhat the fuck you arre ssayinng to mme rrnn to mmy frrienndss. annd ssommetimmess theyrre jusst ssayinng sshit.

alsso i jusst rremmemmberred i have the themmbo flag ssaved annd it hass pinnk inn it sso technnically i couldve jusst ussed ssommeonne annd that but yknnoww. themmbo.

good imm glad you wwill desserrve it erri you arre a genniuss

one day i’ll have a testimonial page and silvan calling me a genius will be right up there B3c

solution: aesthetic filters on ur kin. solves the pink dilemma @lesbianroxy

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