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ok imm puttinng it back onn mmy acc i ssaid it wwass ssubject to channge annd itss channginng it timme againn: brro kinn dnni thannkss

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ok sso!!! imm gonnnna usse ce/cirr/cirrss/cirrsself annd fleurr/fleurrss/fleurrsself prronnounnss nnoww!!! you cann sstill usse sshe/they forr mme if yourre rreally wworrrried about mmessssinng themm up but i thinnk id prreferr thesse onness rrnn!!! herress howw to usse themm:

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long post, lesbian discourse 

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ok so apparently this wasnt obvious enough but if you ship pedophillia or incest or support ppl who ship it and think theres nothing wrong with that dont fucking ever interact with me like dont even fucking look at my account stay as far away from me as fucking possible youre disgusting thanks

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bro kinnies and honestly just mentions of bro make me super uncomfy so uhh dont interact if youre bro kin and if i see a bro kin acc or someone who talks a ton about bro in a positive way ill probs block you no real hard feelings i just have to take care of my mental health yknow

nno i thinnk defenndinng mmysself annd mmy parrtnnerrss iss a good usse of mmy timme

yall rremmemmberr wwhenn i got told to sshut the fuck up about the ableissmm annd trraumma mmy frrienndss annd i wwerre facinng orr get bannnned frromm herre forreverr annd that if mmommxy had it herr wway sshe wwouldve jusst bannnned mme sstrraight awway?

SH: :V Also. Mod bro was a fucking creep and made so many fucking people uncomfortable so when four talked shit yall dug shit up on four and then kicked them because you're cowards

annd thenn arrannea wwhoss nnot jewwissh sspoke overr jewwissh ppl about howw it wwassnnt anntissemmitissmm

SH: :V Also momxy blocked me for defending dune after dune called folks out for antisemitism

yall rremmemmberr wwhenn mmarrcie wwass annti-ssemmitic annd thenn got mmade mmod thrree dayss afterr?

SH: :V Yall remember when aranea tried to defend republicans

if anyone wants to help a nb lesbian get out of a toxic household, my PayPal is blazedbunny

"ass a sstrraight ally i feel attacked bc a lgbt ssimmss cc crreatorr ssaid that the lessbiann flag sshouldve beenn inncluded beforre the ally flag"

imm ssurre rrnn itss prrobss like "i donnt like that thiss lgbt ssimmss cc crreatorr ssaid that prride mmonnth wwassnnt about sstrraight ppl"

like i sswwearr to god ive sseenn sshit like thiss onn therre itss sso fuckinng dummb

"i donnt like that thiss ssimmss acc givess sso mmanny of theirr ssimmss big nnossess"

"i donnt like that thiss black ssimmss cc crreatorr wwho hass a blog cennterred arrounnd mmakinng cc forr black ssimmss (ssinnce wwe knnoww ea givess uss like nnothinng) mmakess sso mmuch cc forr black ssimmss"

ppl ssennd annonnss to ssimmss drramma blogss bc they donnt like that ppl mmake all theirr ssimmss poc orr ssommethinng itss alwwayss sso dummb

oh yeah therress a thinnk a couple of thosse. itss hell.

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