Good, always badmouth France at any given opportunity.


i Might actually gO tO bed

prObably NOt actually tryiNg tO sleep but clOse eNOugh

i haveN't cut My hair iN like, Over 4 years i thiNk

sO siNce befOre i started traNsitiONNiNg

aNd i'M gOiNg fOr a rather shOrt haircut

Might get a New haircut like

saturday Or MONday Or sOMethiNg

but like

very sOON

i said i shOuld

i prObably wON't thO

NOt fOr aNOther hOur at the very least

i very Much dO NOt

thO i dO sOMetiMes kiNd Of talk abOut it

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