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- MarceliNe (adveNture tiMe)
- kaNaya (hOMestuck)
- chlOe (life is straNge)
- luNa (harry pOtter)
- wiNONa (paiNt the tOwN red)
- victOria (paiNt the tOwN red)
- haMifi (vast errOr)
- brONya (hiveswap)

- liNk (twilight priNcess)
- silver (val & isaac)
- Malaya (duMbiNg Of age)
- elsie (faNgs)
- NikaidOu sakurakO (tadOkOrO-saN)
- clOth ? (hOllOw kNight)

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so looking at the moon with a telescope : good stuff

would recommend

i mean same

the reason why i started refusing to date man anymore and then stopped being attracted to them is because all my ex-boyfriends were shitty

but even people who didn't go through that can also change their sexual orientation

cause people just change sometimes

even without disappointing experiences, it's okay to just become a lesbian after being bi

like it's okay to think marceline is bisexual

but it also is okay to think she's a lesbian

(thinking she's straight however goes directly against the canon)

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i really think that the only reason why i get so mad when people say that marceline is bisexual because she has dated a man and a woman is because if we follow that logic, me, a lot of other lesbians and gay men are therefore also bi

and if someone calls me bi because i've dated men in the past i will fucking murder them

All ENA pictures from last night. Not a full cosplay just makeup. 


can't stop fucking laughing to it it's just so perfect i hate it, i love it

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oh man i just had the most ironically funny thought

a shame that i can't share because of how private it is but trust me it is hilariously ironic

i'm gonna refrain myself from writing new messages about that and just boost the recent ones

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hm for to be ranting about people not understanding my songs

that rant™️ 

so if you only got the "ahah i'm so angry at you" part

you're missing the point

even the episode is telling you you're missing the point

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that rant™️ 

this song is just

"ahah look at me i'm so angry at you ahah yeah... oh shit oh fuck i almost told her i still had feelings for her quick a distraction, ahah yeah no i actually hate you ahah nailed it"

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that rant™️ 

people really be missing the point of "i'm just your problem" too

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