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- MarceliNe (adveNture tiMe)
- kaNaya (hOMestuck)
- chlOe (life is straNge)
- luNa (harry pOtter)
- wiNONa (paiNt the tOwN red)
- victOria (paiNt the tOwN red)
- haMifi (vast errOr)
- brONya (hiveswap)

- liNk (twilight priNcess)
- silver (val & isaac)
- Malaya (duMbiNg Of age)
- elsie (faNgs)
- NikaidOu sakurakO (tadOkOrO-saN)
- clOth ? (hOllOw kNight)

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Okay sO the delivery is/was suppOsed tO happeN betweeN 4 pM aNd 8 pM

wheN shOuld i start giviNg up

ugh i'M just sO bOred

just tell Me yOu're NOt deliveriNg tOday sO i can stOp waitiNg

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if i had tO dO absOlutely NOthiNg fOr a whOle afterNOON fOr NOthiNg i'M gONNa be Mad

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eatiNg plaiN bread cause i dON't waNt tO cOOk cause i feel like they're gOiNg tO cOMe right wheN i start dOiNg that

MeteOr i Made a very iMpOrtaNt pOst earlier yOu Need tO read it

i caN't eveN watch yu-gi-Oh cause it's a 6 episOde duel aNd i dON't waNt tO pause iN the Middle Of it

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caN this delivery just fiNally arrive sO that i caN dO sOMethiNg that isN't waitiNg

pretty sure a lOt Of peOple kNew, Or assuMed i was gay thO

but NO ONe just straight up ask/tOld Me that

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still surprised that back wheN i was a cis dude with blue hair, Or at least NOt Out as traNs, NO ONe ever asked Me if i was gay

aNd iNstead caMe up with the weirdest fucked up theOries abOut why i dyed My hair

the weirdest ONe was that persON whO asked Me if it was because i jOiNed a cult aNd i have NO idea if that persON was seriOus Or NOt

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