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- Marceline (Adventure Time)
- Kanaya (Homestuck)
- Chloe (Life is Strange)
- Luna (Harry Potter)
- Winona (Paint the Town Red)
- Victoria (Paint the Town Red)
- Hamifi (Vast Error)
- Bronya (Hiveswap Friendsim)
- Link / Twilight (Twilight Princess) (he/him okay but they/them preferred)
- Silver (Val & Isaac)
- Malaya (Dumbing of Age) (he/she/they)
- Elsie (Fangs)
- Axel / Lea (Kingdom Hearts) (he/him cool but they/them still okay)
- Athena (Borderlands)
- Kay (Haven)
- Nikaidou Sakurako (Tadokoro-san) (never call me that)

(if pronouns are not specified : they/them preferred but she/her okay)

- Cloth (Hollow Knight)
- Damsel (Vampire The Masquerade)

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hey guess what 

u just lost the game

selfies, eye contact, boost++ 

went for a "hottest bitch at the post office" kind of look (both literally and figuratively cause i was fucking dying from the heat)

and also i got my new binder, which is why i was going to the post office in the first place

selfie, eye contact, boost++ 

idk just a random selfie cause i felt hot

:axel_chakram: why am I awake so early :axel_chakram:

:axel_chakram: why did i sleep so poorly :axel_chakram:

:axel_chakram: why am i feeling (physically) so bad :axel_chakram:

duel links 

:axel_chakram: it's also very funny to me that i've been building 2 decks to stay in the meta and since then i have played none of them, despite them being complete / almost complete :axel_chakram:

:axel_chakram: (and one of them has been out of the meta for a while now) :axel_chakram:

:axel_chakram: i just like my deck harpie okay :axel_chakram:

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duel links 

:axel_chakram: *looking at the meta while playing a deck that's been out of the meta for months* :blobcat_popcorn: :axel_chakram:

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duel links 

:axel_chakram: broken meta being like :axel_chakram:

:axel_chakram: 2 tier 1 decks :axel_chakram:

:axel_chakram: 4 tier 3 decks :axel_chakram:

:axel_chakram: no tier 2 decks :axel_chakram:

:axel_chakram: and the 2 tier one are gonna be nerfed in a few days so that should be fun :axel_chakram:

:axel_chakram: sleep hours apparently :axel_chakram:

:axel_chakram: i have to wake up in less than 8h to fucking vote :axel_chakram:

one piece 

:axel_chakram: "yeah we're only using the official translations of one piece for this wiki" :axel_chakram:

:axel_chakram: *also decides to go against the official translation when it comes to a trans person's pronouns in order to misgender him* :axel_chakram:

:axel_chakram: bruh :axel_chakram:

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one piece 

:axel_chakram: i really love the fact that the fandom article about the trans man character states that the official english translation decided to go with he/him pronouns :axel_chakram:

:axel_chakram: and then uses she/her pronouns for him during that passage :axel_chakram:

:axel_chakram: the rest of the page seem to carefully avoid any reference to the character's gender which is pretty amazing :axel_chakram:

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