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- MarceliNe (adveNture tiMe)
- kaNaya (hOMestuck)
- chlOe (life is straNge)
- luNa (harry pOtter)
- wiNONa (paiNt the tOwN red)
- victOria (paiNt the tOwN red)
- haMifi (vast errOr)
- brONya (hiveswap)

- liNk (twilight priNcess)
- silver (val & isaac)
- Malaya (duMbiNg Of age)
- elsie (faNgs)
- NikaidOu sakurakO (tadOkOrO-saN)
- clOth ? (hOllOw kNight)

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i still can't sleep and i'm really hungry (which is probably not helping)

i'm tempted to get out of bed

cook something quickly and / or take a sleeping pill

i haven't taken any meds to help with that since i've been relying on them a lot lately which isn't good for me

so here we are instead

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touching moving parts of machinery in active operation

i think it's interesting to compare how life or death situations are handled in ygo dm and ygo GX

like there are a lot of duels in dm where people could potentially die, but they are shown as threatening (and people are often saved but there usually are consequences)

in gx there are the same kind of duels except basically people don't care, especially if the people dying are the bad guys

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i love how in gx people will see a man killed in front of them and just be like


okay so forget this poll : one episode of gx while i eat and then watching something with jane

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