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- Marceline (Adventure Time)
- Kanaya (Homestuck)
- Chloe (Life is Strange)
- Luna (Harry Potter)
- Winona (Paint the Town Red)
- Victoria (Paint the Town Red)
- Hamifi (Vast Error)
- Bronya (Hiveswap Friendsim)
- Link / Twilight (Twilight Princess) (he/him okay but they/them preferred)
- Silver (Val & Isaac)
- Malaya (Dumbing of Age) (he/she/they)
- Elsie (Fangs)
- Axel / Lea (Kingdom Hearts) (he/him cool but they/them still okay)
- Athena (Borderlands)
- Kay (Haven)
- Nikaidou Sakurako (Tadokoro-san) (never call me that)
- Testament (Guilty Gear) (they/them)
- Goth (Boyfriends) (he/him)
- The Beast (Ladykiller in a Bind) (she/her, he/him)
- Veloce Visrin (Carciphona / Amongst Us)

(if pronouns are not specified : they/them preferred but she/her okay)

- Cloth (Hollow Knight)
- Damsel (Vampire The Masquerade)

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I'm probably not gonna have the time to train before tomorrow and I haven't played those last few weeks so I'm gonna get my ass kicked :blob_spin:

this @neku post definitely felt like a solsuka. they both want to win

i like making sol's boyfriends blush :blobcatgooglyshrug:

why do folks complain about camel toe like sorry you got to see a pussy smh what are you fuckin 12? be grateful 🙄

tbh I wouldn't want Midna to turn me back to human form, I just want to stay dog

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