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*hides paNtheON Of hallOwNest*

ahah that's it i fiNished hOllOw kNight

i kiNd Of waNt tO rebraNd as kaNaya rN but i dON't have aNy pp that "feels right" rN sO i guess i just wON't


⭐ < you ȷust lost þe gɑme ⭐

Selfie, eye contact. 

Strange mood/shift tonight, i feel better like this rather being "me".

hk tarOt 

if sOMe peOple were curiOus abOut hOw it lOOked like

i prObably wOuld have paid a little tO get the bONus update

but siNce jaNe gives theM i dON't really see the pOiNt

i alsO dON't thiNk i wOuld have picked diviNe aNd leg eater fOr "the lOvers" but cONsideriNg sheO aNd ze''Mer are already iN Other cards (aNd we dON't have drawiNgs Of clOth's wife) i guess it kiNd Of Makes seNse

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i hONestly feel bad every tiMe i beat theM cause gOd taMer has tO see her pet (?) die

aNd OOf

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