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- Marceline (Adventure Time)
- Kanaya (Homestuck)
- Chloe (Life is Strange)
- Luna (Harry Potter)
- Winona (Paint the Town Red)
- Victoria (Paint the Town Red)
- Hamifi (Vast Error)
- Bronya (Hiveswap Friendsim)
- Link / Twilight (Twilight Princess) (he/him okay but they/them preferred)
- Silver (Val & Isaac)
- Malaya (Dumbing of Age) (he/she/they)
- Elsie (Fangs)
- Axel / Lea (Kingdom Hearts) (he/him cool but they/them still okay)
- Athena (Borderlands)
- Kay (Haven)
- Nikaidou Sakurako (Tadokoro-san) (never call me that)
- Testament (Guilty Gear) (they/them)
- Goth (Boyfriends) (he/him)
- The Beast (Ladykiller in a Bind) (she/her, he/him)
- Veloce Visrin (Carciphona / Amongst Us)

(if pronouns are not specified : they/them preferred but she/her okay)

- Cloth (Hollow Knight)
- Damsel (Vampire The Masquerade)

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Wolf + moon prints

I stole it from my gf

I might have offered it to her? i don't remember

Taping on beat with my foot helps keeping the rhythm

problem: now my foot hurts

this is why dizzy is my favourite pacifist

also because she's precious and lovable and she's canonically happy silly best friends with may and bri. but her correct understanding of violence is good as well

I was really wondering why the Daft Punk Youtube channel would make a video about Homestuck

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Just read "homestuck" instead of "homework" so I think I officially have brainrot

marceline is the tumblr sexywoman

i voted for her youre welcome

I have something that kind of look like one

but it's so cheap and if you're a little close you can see that some part of are just not parts of an acutal suit

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