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- MarceliNe (adveNture tiMe)
- kaNaya (hOMestuck)
- chlOe (life is straNge)
- luNa (harry pOtter)
- wiNONa (paiNt the tOwN red)
- victOria (paiNt the tOwN red)
- haMifi (vast errOr)
- brONya (hiveswap)

- liNk (twilight priNcess)
- silver (val & isaac)
- Malaya (duMbiNg Of age)
- elsie (faNgs)
- NikaidOu sakurakO (tadOkOrO-saN)
- clOth ? (hOllOw kNight)

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open for psychic damage and anger 

femme butch scale

okay so uuuuuh

don't expect custom emojis to be back before wednesday (unless someone else does it)

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