Another GLaDOS video! Glitchy effect warning! 

Usually, the best solution to a problem is the easiest. And I'll admit, killing you? Is hard.

GLaDOS video: Huge content warning for flashing and glitch effects!!! 

I will say though, that since you went through ALL the trouble of waking me up? You must really REALLY love to test. I love it too! There's just one small thing we need to take care of first.

got a new ur from the box i'm currently buying

still not the one i wanted

fuck you

AnimAtion wip 

GC: th1s on3 w1lll st4y 4 w1p c4us3 th1s 4ud1o m4k3 CSP cr4sh for som3 r34son so 1 don't h4v3 th3 mot1v4t1on to dr4w 4nyth1ng b3ttt3r

GC: tod4y 3x3rc1s3 w4s focusss1ng on p3n pr3sssur3/l1n3 th1ckn3sss, 1 mostly just r3produc3d 4 spr1t3 from p3rst3rqu3st

well my pvp characters changes a lot

first i have more cards in my extra deck

second if i have a hand with two or more blue eyes i can actually do something with them

anyway yesterday i went down to 4 stars (also dreamt i went down to 3 for some reason) but now i'm back at 5 😎

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