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list of topics im passionate about 

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popularity tip:
-give up comedy
-give up trying
-just love women
-be very vocal about loving women

evil women know the way into my heart (its being evil)


could just copypaste one i already have

i just realised i dont have an intro. maybe ill make one


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me: you know what? homestuck sucks i hate it. get it away
homestuck: UH. UHM. hiveswap 2?
me: you have my attention

hiveswap revitalised my interest in hs and hs2 killed it and i cant help but find that funny

hs2 hate 

it crosses my timeline every now and then and i just. please why did you expect homestuck content to be perfect pl

man im glad i dont care about hs anymore because there seems like theres Constantly pq discourse

i dont know why i hide it because it has like. 5 kins on it but at the same time i dont wanna openly admit i kin good omens characters kinda kringe

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i also like my kinlist because its on my carrd but hidden

my kin chart tells you you should hate me because i kin a god, a technical god and a bitch with a god complex

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