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credit to @dad for editing this for me, IM LAUG)(GING PL-EA S -E LOOK AT T)( IS

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Do you like FRI-ENDSIM? Do you like those trolls that were in it ? SO much that you want to ROL-EPLAY T)(-EM? Then come on down to Outglut 18+ RP server! Roles are slowly being taken and we would love for you to join. Galekh and Lanque are your hosts. Send a DM to @Wikipedia or @lanque for an invite!

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Quote me on it when our instance gets popular for one hour because the epilogue came out. I'm pinning this.

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im gonna read candy tomorrow because i'm very tired and i read meat all day.... i need a good sleep to take in all the meat i ate up.

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my grandma asked about it and i didnt know how to tell her about the epilogue

grandma: whatchu reading
me: homestuck
grandma: home stuck? :O
me: yeah where you are stuck at home
grandma, laughing: okay...! it must be interesting!

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