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i cant take it anymore 

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credit to @dad for editing this for me, IM LAUG)(GING PL-EA S -E LOOK AT T)( IS

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Quote me on it when our instance gets popular for one hour because the epilogue came out. I'm pinning this.

if anyone wants my discord, or here, hmu. i'm done with this place.

i cant take it anymore 

every time one of you fools posts something that gives me whiplash

Due to personal reasons, I will be pissing on the moon

planning a cosplay, me? no im simply becoming miles edgeworth. fuck you

SH: :V Trollian be like teeth teeth teeth himbo teeth

i can't wear skirts cause if i did i would be TOO POWERFUL

Beep boop! Remember to eat, and stay hydrated! :)

i hope everyone is having a good day today
today i had udon soy sauce flavor
it was good

[slurps an entire cup of jello out on one hit] hello lgbt community

jerky tastes like someone soaked meat in gasoline. 👌 i love it.

im awake and alive
you all better be behaving
i hope everyones having a good day today

oh thats what its called?
i thought it was called popping your ears

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