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:33 < color makes us hungry. hunger makes us human.

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:33 < *ac kicks the door down*
:33 < im here. who wants headpats

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:33 < "everyone's capable of quadrants once you comprehend them"
:33 < you're right, but i hate this. because if quadrants ever hit the mainstream, that would mean that andrew hussie literally redefined human romance with a shitty webcomic

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:33 < i'm definitely not kin with nepeta. nope. no sir. i don't--
:33 < *ac slips and drops the cosplay cat tail, horns, and body paint she's b33n hiding behind her back*

you know it's bad when you feel empty after a quarter kg of pasta

"uhuhuhuhuhu i n33d nutrition to grow and get energy to hatch and swim" shut the fuck up eat your own eggshell

homestuck 🤝 danganronpa
fans who get weirdly sexual about multicolored blood

i was GOING to k33p the trader 8ut he refused to get a realistic currency on my sand haven (islands) so i spent 20 minutes killing him while he was invisi8le

remind me to draw her tomorrow or something, right now an audino is... slepy...

oh no, i've been hit with... sleep powder... tired...

if you put the accent over the e in pokemon, you’re a cop

they call it the playstation 3 because when you see it you turn 3 radians and walk away

everyone who sees or retoots this is valid and important and will have good things happen to them

you're telling me this girl just does this sorta thing naturally?
and there are people who think this show is straight??

sleepy bitch disease is why me and my boyfriend can't watch anime for more than a couple hours on date night because i get so weirdly snoozy

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