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:33 < color makes us hungry. hunger makes us human.

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things girls like:
- computers
things girls hate:
- techbros

:33 < honestly tho i like, briefly had a minecraft girlfriend

(^•ω•^) < i think i wold like to have a girl just sit on my lap and 8rush her hair and give her kisses on ch33k while we talk a8t. idk clothes or smth cute. and then we can watch a movie or smth and she can sl33p on my shoulder while i hold her. im gay and touch starved

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:33 < i blocked that instance and then used the follower management tool in the settings to delete them all

:33 < bro im like 5 im not going to join your w33d instance

:33 < anyone else get spammed with follow notifications from bots out of absolutely fucking nowhere

trying to think of a fun post that everyone will like. how about this: assed hole

:33 < i think. maybe i would kill fur her

This lady made kr0 (£0, $0USD) by literally doing nothing for an entire day, You could too.

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ah. try doing something physical? sometimes brain says still in sleep mode if you have not gone and done an thing

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