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s33ing trans kids younger than me is like ....... you all are so bebie . are u ok ?? do u want water or a snack ???? do u n33d bus fare ??? remeber not to bind for too long

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himbos bimbos and thembos have we all b33n staying hydrated ?? have we all eaten a good and hearty meal today ??? i love mew all and despite things that mew may think indicate otherwise each and evfurry one of mew deserve to be healthy and happy and with your n33ds met

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*slaps my little paws against the table* MEOW that i have your attention ...... purrlease remeowmber to drink water and eat today !! even if it is only a little ..... !! i am purroud of mew fur getting up today and i hope your time spent awake will be time spent happily .. !

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:33< to be feralpunk mew gotta:
- have eaten leaves
- fight
- roleplay with asterisks
- bite & scratch & thrash
- be able to climb a tr33

@nyapeta gn connie ily and i do not express it much 8ut u mean a lot to me and im happy we're friends!!! reast well 8rothpurr

would anyone like to come cuddle in my nest I have a w8ed 8lanket ////////

@nyapeta ah. Small are usually very very slightly more strong against plant poison for exactly that reason I think ////////

hold on i want to finish this picrew then i will sl33p

@nyapeta seriously you couldโ€™ve had a heart attack from the foxglove ////////

@nyapeta 1. You are incredi8ly lucky with the foxglove and 2. Most of these are just. Not food, rather than actively poison ////////

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