Hi, appearing to say that the cis are immensely infuriating to no end

Me: i should voice train
*Just sings to girl parts in musicals*
Thats good enough

Twin peaks 

I like that david lynch thinks that small towns are just filled with people cheating on each other because ofcourse they are, what else is there to do.

@sapphicsunrise : "you dont like dead things? That creates a SIGNIFICANT conflict of interest."

stupid pose bootleg nintendocore shirt wearing scene girl AKA me 

This shirt is sick tho

Idk if anyone likes hyperpop or anything (sophie, 100 gecs, dorian electra etc.) But Black Dresses put out a new album and its so perfect and i am so happy.

Touche Amore new album vague review ig, talks about cancer. 

i finally got around to listening to Touche amore's newest album and its a l o t better than i expected but the last song has one of my favorite lines ever:
"I've lost more family members
Not to cancer, but the GOP
What's the difference?
I'm not for certain
They all end up dead to me."

I think as long as youre always asking "am i being a good parent/person?" Youre more than likely on the right track

I think the best way to be a good parent is the same to be a good person, always being critical of yourself and how you interact with people/your child. Theres usually trsuma in every person from their parents and its every generations job to break as many toxic cycles as they can for society to progress healthily.

Oh and then proceeded to take anything male coded away from him and never let him cut his hair.

Parental transphobia 

Throwback to when he tried to come out when he was 12 and his mom berated him and laughed at him and said the name he chose was stupid and shit.

Straight up. Narcissist people who want to be parents so they can pretend like they own someone and control something are the literal fucking worst thing. No one own anyone and no one owes anything to anyone even if they are related.

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