~ new quøk in my strife deck, łhat could it be? łho knowſ .

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~ i am going to make ðis quøk łorse and meteor is to blame, send all complaints to cir .

~ homestuck and ball torture, from łikpedia, ðe free encyclopeda at .

~ i am toying łiþ ðe idea of dropping ðis quøk for kanaya's, hmmmmhmhmmhmmmmm .

~ łow ðis evelyn person meteor keeps reposting seems so cool and funny .

~ aaaah ðis makes me łant to make railway stuff in minecraft again .

~ anoðer þing is ðat empty minecarts don't have ðe same momentum as minecarts łiþ a player in ðem, łhič means ðat you can filter ðem out łiþ slopes ðat a minecart łiþ a player łould clear, but an empty one łouldn't, and you can just have ðat go back to a pit or łhatever łhere ðe empty minecarts are dumped .

~ like, if you build out large railways in minecraft ðere's lots of interesting little þings you can do. one is double tracking lines, ðat łay you can guarantee ðat you łon't hit into someone going ðe oðer łay, and you can have plenty of crossovers to force all minecarts to go on one specific side .

~ ðis łas actually on a server for rail enþusiasts, so łe łere very łilling to put in ðis level of effort, łe łeren't quite at ðe level łhere you could ride around it in massive circles by picking ðe right routes on junctions but łe łere not far off eiðer .

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~ its not really good for traversing at high speed to just have a lever, so łhat łe did łas have a load of buttons łhič čarged a memory cell, and used repeaters to time ðe countdown to resetting ðe cell. ðat łay ðe junction's position łas always consistent łhen you approačed it, and setting ðe diverging route always required ðe same action. ðat łay, you don't have to hit one lever łhič might or might not be in ðe right position already .

~ like you can literally just put a lever next to ðe þing and it'll łork, simple as ðat, actually sorta nice because ðen it resembles a ground frame .

~ actually ðat's my favourite underrated feature, you can flip track łiþ redstone and make proper seamless junctions. it's pretty cool, i've seen some people still try to do łeird stuff łiþ pistons, no point any more lol .

~ ive made a few cool þings łiþ redstone but ðey łere also kinda simple, stuff like timed junctions for minecarts .

~ also! i have finally finished act 5 act 1 .
~ .
~ i łill have to reread it at some point because i've forgotten more of ðat act ðan any oðer i þink lol .

~ EB: i am not a homosexual. .
~ .
~ łhoa ðis is just like meteor .

~ my birþsign łould be leo, łhič is a bit funny to me .

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