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(slams table) i swear to SATAN that if TRANSYLVANIA isn't a TRANS SAFE HAVEN i'm gonna start a RIOT

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kin list (part one) 

๐Ÿ’ฎ : this is a LONG list...

yoyo (JSRF)
beat (JSRF)
kagamine len (vocaloid)
willy wonka (both the 1971 and 2005 ones)
josuke higashikata (JJBA part 4)
narancia ghirga (JJBA part 5)
bruno bucciarati (JJBA part 5)
kokichi ouma (danganronpa)
nagito komaeda (danganronpa)
rantaro amami (danganronpa)
junko enoshima (danganronpa)
miu iruma (danganronpa)
monokuma (danganronpa)

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kin list (part two) 

๐Ÿ’ฎ : like seriously trollian didn't even let me post the whole thing at once

sollux captor (homestuck)
harry potter (harry potter)
remus lupin (harry potter)
pocoyo (pocoyo)
belphegor (supernatural)
gabriel (supernatural)
seiko shinohara (corpse party)
sakutaro morishige (corpse party)
punpun onodera (oyasumi punpun)
kohina ichimatsu (gugure! kokkuri-san)
inugami (gugure! kokkuri-san)
saeyoung choi (mystic messenger)

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not two mentiion part 5'2 """"healiing 2cene"""" (whiich ii keep iin my driive for raiiny day2)

and if the cis find out we're sponges they'll send us back to the ocean (which is where nonbinary people come from)

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we can't tell you what's in our pants because it's just more sponge

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and before i get cancelled for this, i myself am enby, and therefore confirm that all nonbinary people are made out of sponge

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if scrub daddies are the weird beebly stuff and scrub mommies are the beebly stuff + sponge then it makes sense for scrub parents to be all sponge

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โญ < tbh i love women. cis women too โญ

but i don't know what to name him, i've just been calling him sweet boy or sweetie :((

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considering i started 3d sculpting and rendering yesterday i'm really proud of it!!!

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mh, sui ment 

wow so i cant return to school until i get a psych eval

note to self: dont send sewerslide notes over school email

you are all so beautiful. thank you for everything, trollian, and goodbye.

noah from total drama island can step all over me but how much you wanna bet he's allergic to simps

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