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GC: So l1k3 1 go to b3d 4round 10pm l1k3 ok4y 1t should b3 goood

GC: y34h 3sp3c14llly c4us3 1'm try1ng to f1x my sl333p sch3dul3

GC: Uuuh sl333p1ng 16 to 20 hours 3v3ry n1ght 1s k1nd of 4nnnoy1ng

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GC: 4lll str34ms w1lll prob4bly h4ppp3n through d1scord w1th th3 posss1b1l1ty but no obl1g4t1on to ch4t.

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GC: 4lso not n3c3sss4r1ly ton1ght but 4r3 p3opl3 1nt3r3st3d 1n m3 str34m1ng 4nd wh4t

GC: Not rn though but 1 just bought th3 g4m3. 4nd 1'm mostly not spo1l3d.
GC: (1 l1k3 to str34m g4m3 mostly 1f 1'm go1ng bl1nd on th3m)

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