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gideon be like people complaining bout brexit don't go far enough, restore pangea

i wamt weighted blanky droped on me from the 3rd floor

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im still in pain but gettin used to it i htink

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⭐ < Geminis cant help driving a honda civic ⭐

"In my own social interactions, I use behaviours that I have learned from watching other people interacting" like yes but like, u can't answer no to this question right, how else r u supposed to learn??

as always it's the oposition that fucks me up in over half of the question, like, yes i do that, no i don't to that INSTEAD of this, i just do it

"In social situations, I feel like I’m ‘performing’ rather than being myself." people have a self beside the performer wtf?

"I will repeat phrases that I have heard others say in the exact same way that I first heard them" yes i do communicate with memes

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"When I am interacting with someone, I deliberately copy their body language or facial expressions." what answer is i definitely do that but it's definitely not deliberate

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