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05 // I don’t understamd why people are against post editing. I cannot imagine a single problem with it that would not be solved by also having viewable edit history

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libs will really be like, "things are getting awful in the US, I'm going to move to Canada"

:33 < of course naomi wu is on mastodon dot social​

:33 < pipewire knowers​
:33 < ​
:33 < why on node auto connect do both channels connect from source to 1 channel of output​
:33 < ​
:33 < ex. firefox starts playing audio, left and right connect to right channel of speaker output, or right connects to right, left to left and right etc.​

mh -- 

:33 < am I disassociating hm​

:33 < RIGHT​
:33 < I was trying to run on arm and crystal arm stuff Does Not really exist​

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:33 < >written in crystal​
:33 < *explodes*​
:33 < ​
:33 < im trying to remember the 1 other thing I tried to use that was written in crystal that was awful to run ​
:33 < ​
:33 < I think it was a manga hosting/reading web server​

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VRChat devs just made the game's accessibility non-existent by implementing EAC. 

#VRChat effectively just killed accessibility for their game by implementing #EasyAntiCheat in their latest update hello.vrchat.com/blog/vrchat-s
According to this steam review
apparently, lots of accessibility tools making quality of life, control and social interaction easier for disabled people was done primarily using mods (i.e. modified clients which EAC prevents from loading). Features like advanced closed captioning mods, or mods for the visually impaired people, are now practically non-existent.

Why they removed this while not improving their own game's accessibility tools is honestly shocking to me.

:33 < chad thundercockbird​

mh -- 

:33 < what is my name​

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Posting again since I've gotten requests:

No need for a Missqordia invite, it's open registration at the moment

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Sad Disqordia update:

Emilis says it's permanently gone, I'm sorry everyone

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I need every infosec person to understand that surveillance capitalism is structural, not individual, and we are not going to ethically-consume our way out of it please and thank

:33 < poster is such a britishcore word​

:33 < ASMR stands for A Sussy MeteoR ​

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pissed off in a crop top call that a hot cross bun
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