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⚙️Me: *pUtting polish on my First nAil* hey this is greAt, i've got it down this time:transknife:
⚙️Me, two hoUrs lAter with only 3 nAils done And my hAnds Covered in smeAred polish with Cotton bAll ChUnKs stUCK to them: A:transknife:

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Intro post 

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Me: just eAts And plAys videogAmes All dAy
BrAin: gghghhhiuiigghhhh this suckssss ewwwwww do something elsleeeegghhghh
Me: leArns shit And codes All dAy
BrAin: fffuuckckkk ghghghfhjf fucfkc ew this sucks too fufkckckck

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⚙️pA do rU pAdorU pA do rU pAdorU pA do rU pAdorU pA do rU pAdorU pA do rU pAdorU pA do rU pAdorU pA do rU pAdorU pA do rU pAdorU pA do rU pAdorU pA do rU pAdorU pA do rU pAdorU pA do rU pAdorU:transknife:

⚙️i got moxie FlAot,,,liKe rootber FlopAt bUt,,,with moxie,,,:transknife:

⚙️Bring yoUr dominos pizzA And grAnd slAmwiCh to gAmestop For the UltimAte lUnCh:transknife:

part 5 jojoke 

⚙️I FUCKin loved bAgUettes As A Kid bUt i CAnt Find good ones Anymore:transknife:

⚙️Anje From gym gAve me 3 shAdes oF pinK nAil polish,,,brUh,,:transknife:

⚙️Also i AsKed my dAd iF he hAd Any UpdAtes on the HRT sitUAtion And he sAid we'll tAlK AboUt it tomorrow:transknife:
⚙️I don't Know iF this is gonnA be good or bAd:transknife:

⚙️Also love how even on very low ConCeAlment seCUrity gUArds will jUst FreAK the FUCK oUt And AttACK iF yoU bUmp into them:transknife:

⚙️I meAn MAYBE iF moving hostAges to An AreA where they wont be spotted wAs eAsier bUt their pAthFinding is shit:transknife:

⚙️I wish thAt mod thAt mAde it so UnAlerted gUArds dont hAve their pAgers go oFF wAs A reAl meChAniC:transknife:

⚙️OH SHIT i'm getting A new monitor soon mAybe I'll ACtUAlly hAve deCent resolUtion options And be Able to get A smAll speed boost:transknife:

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