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⚙️Me: *pUtting polish on my First nAil* hey this is greAt, i've got it down this time:transknife:
⚙️Me, two hoUrs lAter with only 3 nAils done And my hAnds Covered in smeAred polish with Cotton bAll ChUnKs stUCK to them: A:transknife:

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Intro post 

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Me: just eAts And plAys videogAmes All dAy
BrAin: gghghhhiuiigghhhh this suckssss ewwwwww do something elsleeeegghhghh
Me: leArns shit And codes All dAy
BrAin: fffuuckckkk ghghghfhjf fucfkc ew this sucks too fufkckckck

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⚙️how to beCome A green sKeleton:transknife:
⚙️Step 1. Die:transknife:

⚙️NO I WANT WANNA BE BREAD:transknife:


⚙️i hAvemt beCAUse i. still AinF Finished homestUCK itselF:transknife:

⚙️EridAn eAts mCdonAlds insteAd oF wendys ? no dignity:transknife:

⚙️theres Also some generAl ChAnges in gAme Feel, liKe speed And ChArACter weights etC between gAmes bUt other thAn thAt theyll Feel the sAme, newer ones hAve more polish thoUgh obvioUsly:transknife:

⚙️DBZ KAKArot CommerCiAl: YoU've wAtChed the Anime, now plAy th-:transknife:
⚙️Me: lmAo no i hAvent :transknife:

⚙️doC sCrAtCh As the next story mode villAin bUt hes the only homestUCK in the gAme hes jUst here:transknife:

⚙️ThAnos hAs been in the sAme gAme As ryU mUltiple times so thAnos For smAsh:transknife:

1f y9u l1ke m9ther that sucks because n9w the ent1re cast 9f f1re emblem 1s 1n smash

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