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I'm here to eat ass and kick bubblegum

And I'm all out of gum

oh no, the situAtion hAs only been mAde worse by the Addition of yet more bees

why is nobody else freAking the fuck out blue rAspberry is A reAl fruit whAt the shit my life is A lie

guys holy fuckbAlls blue rAspberries Are A reAl fruit

hAve yAll ever put rAspberry jAm on your icecreAm cus thAt shits the tits

ryAn reynolds sAys the hell word in detective electric mouse

I sAt down for my first block And its been like twenty minutes everyone's just on their phones And the teAcher hAsnt sAid A word my Anxiety is SKYROCKETING

One dAy kArkAt hit cApslock then proceeded to rip both cAps And shift out of his keyboArd

HS cosplAy would be eAsy Af for me my troll is literAlly me with grey skin

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