i have exhausted both of my braincells its time to go for a walk and see if i can find cookies at the shop o7

okay i do need to change this which is sad bc its funnya

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instead of fridged im renyameowng the trope to winchestered


BASE = (Weapon ATK + Character ATK) * ATK% + FlatATK

so this means that flat attack is basically useless since it's typically in low numbers (like, 40-50 at best) and isn't applied to mewr base stats so its nyat multiplied by attack%

im going to have to assume flat defense is applied the same way which makes that stat far less desirable


i hate videogames actually

the errors from my short sighted quirk stuff just make me love this meowe because now it's really funnya to me

looking at damage formulas now because for some wild reason i assume staring at math will make me less tired and nyat meowe

i have my windows covered because I used to work nyaights

so taking a nyap at 3pm and waking up at 4pm really threw me off, i woke up and it was dark

also the time change means it gets dark at like 6pm so my internyal clock just assumes it's like 4am and it's time to sleep

fighting the desire to nyap x_x

okay meowght have to edit some of these quirks but it's really funnya so maybe nyat

my life's goal is to become so annoying that cosmeowc entities return me to life because they don't want to deal with me anyameowe

slowly deprogrammeowng from the former friend group that seemed very supportive and caring when I was in it

but then now that i'm out, it's very much a "confine to our ideals of normalcy our be cast out" which just made me hate everything about myself that didn't fit into their box

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changing my nyame to celeste was actually one of the better things that happened to me this year

bc when I went by "juli" it never really registered/hit that anyaone was speaking to me i guess??

but now when a game says "ah celeste" it's like oh hello yes that me

as my brain worms get worse i see meowe things i could add ..

maybe ill just update it

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setting this quirk was either the greatest thing i ever did or the worst mistake ever

only time will tell

supernyatural actually had a p good message

"if mew try to force down who mew are to make someone else happy, mew'll only make mewrself miserable"

i wasnt expecting anyathing like that out of a show like this but okay go off

supernyatural is the kind of show that mew hate but can't stop watching because mew love it

the fake it until mew make it thing actually works in the most terrifying ways

i used to be really depressed all the time and would call myself genki (basically someone who's super high energy/typical anyaime protagonyaist vibes) as sort of an ironyaic thing

then it just became who i was, i very much unyaironyaically say "do mewr best!" and generally have anyaime protag vibes now

hehe im glad mew did, i'll probably download the demo too just so I can poke at it later

I forgot demos were a thing i'm not gonnya lie

I really wannya get age of calamity but I might wait a month or two for the price to drop first.. only bc I know I'm gonnya want all the dlc stuff too

waking up after going to bed early feeling like being summoned from mewr eternyal resting place after 10,000 years

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