so i was watching my show last nyaight at like

4am bc i'm a nerd anyaways so i made a gif and i woke up like "but why" but i was so proud of it i sent it to like everyone who was awake

0 idea why nyow that i actually slept

this yuri manga i had basically forgotten about bc it hasn't updated in like .. 6 months or smth? finyally got a new update and this was the first page of the new chapter

and mew knyow what??? i respect it,

silly edit 

this has basically been my expurrience since i started changing the quirk stuff and actually doing this propurrly adl;fkjd;f

ch3 of this manga and they already have the Yuri Moment(tm)

where the light catches the girl you're looking at just right and your heart stops in your chest

more edits but i'm slowly learning how fonts and font sizes work and gosh GIMP is just

a blessing

trying to get the hang of using GIMP to do edits and making silly edits like this

when u think u might actually get away with reading a single yuri manga and not kinning anyone and then boom

super cute werewolf girl

i saw this cap in my ever growing folder as i was looking through things and cleaning up text bubbles and my brain said,

"you know this is perfect for cheesy pickup lines bc of her expression"

and here we are this is like the 5th one ive made so far

i had to make this edit bc mimika just oozes gay energy and this is actually in character for her

i bring gifts

this ridiculously cute yuri im reading is only getting cuter and more wholesome by the page

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