I forgot I had the cat speak thing set but it makes me laugh so I'm keeping it

I said this for plural reasons but nyow I'm absolutely enyamored with the idea of visiting something mew haven't touched in a while and just being like "yes I inherited this from past me" as an acknyowledgement that the time away has just Changed mew

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I have technyaically inherited this acc from the purrson who used to be me so I have to like

update everything mew


@araneaserket fr like

i *do* and wish I didnt ugh


idk why people act like just bc theyre good with someone i like that suddenly that means i like them too

like dont get too friendly with me dont make kissy faces at me dont even look at me ill lay mew out idc who mew knyow or who mewre friends with

this meowing I tried to atleast make use of it by making it a "that gay shit // me" meme and thats when i ran into "okay this is too much work for a shitpost"

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so i was watching my show last nyaight at like

4am bc i'm a nerd anyaways so i made a gif and i woke up like "but why" but i was so proud of it i sent it to like everyone who was awake

0 idea why nyow that i actually slept

mewr gif is prob like 6 frames and i'd still be like

mm nyo this is too much work actually;

i made a gif last nyaight and i tried to make it into a meme and then realized id have to edit each frame and decided that was too much work

me: im high energy

*tries to keep up with the pace of all the mewngsters i follow on social media stuff*

me: holy shit im so old and tired

I made a joke earlier about being ojou-sama but like apparently people just get that vibe from me so im gonnya rock it

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"overlord princess of hell"
"queen of yuri"
"queen of (thing)"
"princess (thing)"
"empress (thing)"

im royalty ig

people keep assignyaing me titles and im starting to actually feel chuunyai bc of it

i forgot my password for here and was like "mew knyow what that's fair enyough the internet has had enyough of me"

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i just expurrienced hetbait

that was surreal

don't get me wrong I enjoy my fluffy the good guys always win magical girl stuff but sometimes mew want a little more spice

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also really liking high stakes magical girl stuff bc the fights aren't just "WE GOT TOGETHER WITH THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP AND BLASTED THE BAD OF THE WEEK INTO OBLIVION"

it's more like "okay this is actually terrifying these enemies are dangerous and if we aren't careful Bad Things can happen"

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one thing fate has going for it

the fight scenes are really good

well, I say this having literally only watched one other fate series but in my limited expurrience, 10/10

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