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thinking a lot abt this anyaime im watching & wishing it wasn't actually my favorite bc ik how divisive it is

this is my lot in life to always be on the wrong side of everything ad;lfkajdf

remembering life before livetweeting

how it didn't take me 40mins+ to finyaish a 20 min ep of anyaime

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so proud of him!!!

friend: how was mewr nyaight

me: I finyaished supurrnyatural

friend: how was it?

me: it was a wild ride

friend: well did mew enjoy it?

me: I don't knyow

i finyaished supurrnyatural

i dont knyow how to feel but i sure do

honestly the translation is fine and the typesetting is fine so like

this purrson should give themselves more credit

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this yuri manga i had basically forgotten about bc it hasn't updated in like .. 6 months or smth? finyally got a new update and this was the first page of the new chapter

and mew knyow what??? i respect it,

i'm on the last ep of s14 of spn

im never complainyaing about anyaime with 100+ eps again

If the USA, as a legal entity, dissolved tomorrow, we'd lose little of value. Each of the 50 "states" is about the size of a country and has its own legal and policy framework.

"do mew .. believe in love at first sight?"

"do mew.. mind if i use the bathroom"

that's just me when someone flirts with me a;kjfdkj

the solution is to take matters into mewr own hands and just modify them to work without colors

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twitter games are fun but most of them are color coded and its really annyaing when mew're colorblind

making an active effort to curb my self deprecation jokes & just focus on genuinely enjoying things I enjoy without making fun of myself for it

basically feels like taking the trainyaing wheels off

im slowly getting there, a lot of the time its subconscious

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leveling up in catspeak is removing quirks bc mewr brain auto translates and mew can't stop typing that way

gacha games are just

the worst tbh

it's like oh heres a rare event, mew can buy a ticket that lets mew choose whichever character mew want!

like why cant mewr entire system be like that, why cant i just buy the character i want directly?????

i mean i knyow why but like


buying a sewing kit was a good idea

i don't need to use it much but when i do i'm glad I have it

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