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i think its just widely known at this point that a lot of my past lives were dragons because i was a stubborn motherfucker and was like "you think i want to be human? fuck that shit. im going for another round"

sup i have no idea how to socialize with people but crave interaction so now im here for the moment whats happenin

of course my response to this was to follow them around and passionately dab more

i was w/ one of my qpps in the store and i dabbed unironically and they immediately pretended not to know me anymore it was hysterical

figuring out how to use websites is my passion

(sorry that i cant give proper sources rn btw if i was more awake and aware i would,, pensive)

ok i cant find the post describing it but this is what i remember of komodo dragons correct me if im wrong on any of it (also this is kind of a gorey description) 

also hi *rises up from the ashes out of nowhere*

wait i thought they proved that komodo dragons dont do the whole "wait for their prey to die slowly" thing

whats everybody Up To 2Nite im Alive in this joint

strums guitar but in really shitty fashion because i dont actually know how to play instruments

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like. please. realize the most important thing in ur life is whether u r being true to urself and whether u r happy that is ALL that matters. FUCK everything and everyone else. FUCK what ppl will say. when u find ur happiness u hold that motherfucker tight and u never fucking let that go or let anybody or anything take that from you.

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oh my god ah fuck i just want ppl to like......... realize u can do w/e the fuck you want... like....... rules are arbitrary my man... my dude......... it is not illegal to put stickers on ur face or not go to college or to have a kin name my MAN. life is short. go crazy go stupid. as long as ur not hurting anybody literally just do w/e u want.

thank you for tuning in see you next time [snzzzzzzzz]

every once in a while i log onto here and post the first word that pops into my head and then i return to my nest to sleep for another couple of weeks its just how the cycle happens anyway here goes

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