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“why is making things hard?” I say, horr3ndously ov3rthinking 3v3rything I do

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sword nuzlocke 

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*tick tick* i made this in the vc last night and figured I might as well post it here c:

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welcome to trollian, an even mix of shitposting, kinnie shit, and uncond8ional love and support ////////

flips table be nice to kankri he is INFODUMPING. cronus is okay to be mean to though

listening to scp readings and doing puzzles takes a lot of my attention apparently

*pokes head through window* hi im here and alive just very very distracted

scps are cool -me, well and truly aware of the fact i might kin a foundation researcher or other staff member

what if i become nepeta while connie isnt looking

i didn't think they considered 0 a number but whatever

dude sarkicism is so weird(SCP group of interest)(very freaky)(obligatory holy-shit-all-of-these-things-involve-body-horror warning)

my dad rly just was talking about some story he heard about a nearby public highschool where a kid got suspended for misgendering someone and misgendered them WHILE telling it i cant are you f:transknife:

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