the only run of marvel comics i ever read was all of spider-gwen up to ghost spider

my comic opinions are i don't read superhero comics but i do like spider-man

sb the other day no lie left a comment on one of my community posts like Agh I Would Bathe In A Volcano To Date Your Avatar and i was just like A-Alright. Okay. Why Don't We Simmer Down There.

i miss being hot its too bad that will never happen again

done too much work this week and still got more to go, funnnnn

would not have put infowars kid says weird shit over the elden ring devs on my game awards bingo but we live in a hellish world

you wouldn't use your buster on an Old Old Man! cmooooonnnnnnn

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dr. wily is such a funny villain. like yeah i guess he has Some surface level pathos but for the most part he's simply just a hater and every time you kick his ass he's like I'm Just An Old Old Man....Pwease.....

oh by the way i got like weirdly fucked up on mega man lore recently so that's what's new with me

oh yeah, i guess i haven't been posting here while it was happening but! i had my voice canonized as the evil furry from vast error, for those of y'all who read it. i did actual narration in said voice on the new halloween album.

legit saw sb be like "oh they tightened the pace though" YEAH BY? Removing plot points that would literally make the plot incoherent later on, if they kept going? This is not the win you think

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seeing ppl be like oh 4kids one piece wasn't That bad is wild. you weren't there. you didn't WATCH it if this is what you think

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