hello trollian did i forget to tell u guys that for the past four months i had someone scam me by faking homelessness to live in my house rent free

it isn't really relevant to anything rn it's just pretty fucked up right

what's the popular instances on masto these days im not hip with the kids anymore

i'm pretty happy with how it all came out, in the end, actually. 2 years, approximately 1000 panels. pretty good!

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oh yeah i finished dist_rust a month or so ago btw so to all of y'all who read that back in the day. it's actually complete now. mspfa.com/?s=29843&p=1

a sequel to the hit game among us "theres a bad guy in here"

i'm really close to finishing all the panels in the backlog so who knows, maybe i'll try to aim to release the final update on the anniversary

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coming up on two years of doing dist that's fuckin nuts

should i get fries or salsa for a late snack.....................

also yes jane hot but we all have eyes here

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