Also if you scan Turnin's filler feed extra hard you might notice this little lady is canon now. She's a background extra but yes indeed Marcie Vast Error is a reality

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So yes the news is out Vast Error updated today and I wrote some stuff for it

I don't know specifically when it's dropping just in the next few days probly. It's mostly done being coded it's just got some bugs to iron out

as in i wrote some side content that's gonna be in it

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hey a vast error update is droppin soon and i wrote for it

oh yeah forgot some ppl here actually used to read my fanventure

i love how the only time i was active in the past like 6 months was to be like "i kin ellsee vast error" and cal being like REAL SHIT? and now i have to be like I Regret To Inform You That I Now Am Part Of The Vast Error Staff

meanwhile the original crewmate is conscious and can see what is happening in their body without being able to control any of it or say anything

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among us sadstuck: the impostors aren't actually a crewmate but are in fact corpses being puppeted by parasitic aliens that invaded base and are now pretending to be said crewmate for the purpose of killing all the rest of them

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