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Hello new friends, we appreicate u being here. Before getting super comfy, please make sure to look over the rules, they are a slightly modded Berries variant, so there are some specific things to look out for:

Do you want a neat quirk or just make your text a color without having to contantly type BBCODE? here's the quirk guide:

This is the link to the Trollian Discord:

This is our suggestions board. Do you have a suggestion for the instance or something u want us to try to code in? That's here:

And, if you want to/can financially support this website to help us continue to bring u the bullshit, here's a patreon:

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TG: Reminder that commissions are open!
TG: Prices (1 chara)
TG: (Base price is abstract background flats)
TG: Icon: $15
TG: Bust: $25
TG: Full: $30
TG: Add:
TG: $15 (extra chara)
TG: $10 (shading)
TG: $25 (Detailed background)
TG: $15 (NSFW)
TG: Prices and participation may vary.
TG: DM/Mention me for details.

gross?, pimple things Show more

mom, trans shit ig? Show more

shit i need to like uhhhhhhhhhh


hunger is happening

want the nom.

nom nom

holy shit i know one of the people working at the front desk where im applying and i dont think hes recognized me yet im going to fucking die can i get a motherfucking f in chat gaymerz

:ms_lipstick_lesbian_flag: Momxy :arsonverified: boosted

we'll beat every advertised price unless it's lower is p great

i gotta fuckgin

interview today so that's cool but also i never got my id so that prolly won't go well i am concern but w/e

thank u for the birthday wishes i just got up lmao

i think we're gonna unplug have fun everyone

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request by no one
just wanted to draw a trans dave

cool i'm gonna go back to lurking, thanks all.

i have legitimate anxiety about this shit and i will shut this shit down

i'm kinda curious as to what ariele's ancestor form is gonna be tbh we've never thought about it

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