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gonna take a second to plug my main account: I'm more active on here when I remember to actually use the fediverse

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I walk up and offer you this, do you accept?

Fortnite Creative just makes me want to play Sauerbraten/Cube 2 t b h

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Fortnite Creative is really fucking clunky but like hell if I'm not gonna learn how to use it

game needs to update faster, rahghghghgh


Mobile devices suck because I keep misspelling shit and my phone learns those words because it's recurring and so I end up having to wade through like five misspellings to get to the actual word I want

not really, Vriska is just driving me up the wall rn

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I'm a grown-ass adult who is terrified of Endermen. thanks god.

you WILL visit my blog
you WILL laugh at my funny posts
you WILL roleplay Sonic the Hedgehog in this very specific way that pertains to my needs

it's Mine's Craft, we're just living in it

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