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the full of my avatar b/c I'm still proud of this art:

daily reminder that Vrisrezi is fucking canon

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ok realtalk dawn of man from mobius tripp and hadron kaleido is the big slappy

if you purposely choose to use tiny font on your blog or social media account or what have you: fuck you and please reconsider your life choices.

now that my eyesight is actually getting worse, I have more of a reason to complain about people who use 8px font on their blogs

my dumb ass who hasn't eaten all day: gee, I sure don't have any energy right now! I wonder why that is? oh well.

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Hussie says the words "Sans Undertale" at one point and I immediately got lightheaded

I skimmed through Hussie's author notes about everything and it's very very cathartic to have a lot of things that I believed/read/liked confirmed

I bought the Act 5 Act 1 Homestuck book today... there is a LOT of good shit in there

I hate naming things for personal projects, it's impossible

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possible epilogue aside, I just finished the fic I started writing for last year's NaNoWriMo. I feel..... very accomplished for getting this done.

now I need to edit, smfh

here's a few choice shots feat. my shader pack

oh I should post some screenshots I've been collecting over the past few days

it is really nice to be playing on a public server finally though, lots is going on constantly and there's always group projects to be done

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