--< I dont remember because my past Is not real, jadebot. That's why.

--< sleep Is fuckIng awesome you can't tell me otherwIse

--< Its not that I'm unskIlled It's just that thIs braIn and body can't swordfIght, Is all

--< ugh the curse of a multItude of braIncells *flIps haIr* It's rough, beIng thIs awesome

--< purple Is the devIlled 👿 and Im the angle 😇
I say angle thIngs lIke DO IT and MORE

--< hey that's PURPlE not me I'm lIke cool and sexy and frIendly :) come say hI

--< meteor wIll be lIke "noo Im not nIce :(" and Ill be lIke "I know I'm nIce Im so fuckIng epIc Im goIng to stab a rIch person"

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