--< I thInk "have to favourIte every post" Is keepIng meteor frontIng

what's better than this
just friday night gals bein friday night pals


--< If I made a pfp I thInk at most the skIn colour could be lIke, tan
It really does *not* feel approprIate to have any kInd of, yknow, darker skIn colour sInce thIs body Is whIte
But. Yeah In my, uh, the few memorIes I have, I really was not whIte. I dont quIte remember but lIke. MedIterranean? I mean of course not exactly that, I wasn't born on earth
It's just. A weIrd sItuatIon and Idk how the fuck to handle It so "tan" Is the best way to go
It's so fuckIn, weIrd, and lIke It's kInda out of my control even tho I am very aware of my fIctIonal nature!
Perhaps I should try to IdentIty a kIn or whatever and just use a profIle pIcture from that

--< thIs one Is good dont get me wrong, but lIke

< I really want a better pfp but hmm I don't have one

--< at least my creator can Inform me that I was searchIng for People

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--< I spent most of my exIstence searchIng and Instead of fIndIng what I was lookIng for I got put In the body of a chIld
Not cool, man

--< I just want to stab people wIth a fencIng foIl

--< Itd be learnIng for the fIrst tIme for everyone else
I hate not havIng the skIlls I should

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--< I stIll really want to learn
Or rather relearn

--< Im lIke, the "adult" In the system, except Im not really an adult only kInd of

--< I talk about It because Its true <3 also funny

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