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I Was supp0seD t0 have we8 pr0gramming 8ut the teacher was a8sent anD we DiDn't have any D0cuments teLLing us what t0 D0 f0r the 1st pers0naL w0rk

AND after we've g0t a cLass a80ut scaLa anD i m0stLy t๊™ฎ0k my time t0 c0nfigure my server t0 c0nnect t0 the mysqL server.

ALs0 i t๊™ฎ0k the time t0 rew0rk my certificates with Du8D0mains in tw0 gr0ups, 0ne f0r pers0nnaL things anD the 0ther f0r things that i D0n't reaLLy care if pe0pLe see the 0ther su8D0mains whiLe watching the cert DetaiLs

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