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I haven't streamed VA-11 HALL-A yet, but it is my list to do once i have gone through the story again as I currently am.
Also not at the same time, I can't game and bartend.
I need to remember the term you gave me Dirk because I am blanking hard.

I stream a lot of things! From Video Games to Bartending to just hanging out with my chat! I am definitely going to be showing off some games on stream again soon, I just need to get a chance to do it.

Hi I'm Dave's wife. Also known as Mama Sheepy. I love you all. And yes Dorothy, I am here and alive.

Sup guys~ I'm back. I'm alive. I'll get to follows soon enough, I adore you all. Just got to finish some responsible stuff yeah.
Also take your meds, eat something, hydrate, and love yourself. Mama's orders.

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