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kin list (It's really long and incomplete, but most of them are in there) 

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just because i am in the shape of a person does not mean i am one

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matthew Mercer has the most generic voice actor voice ive ever heard

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Hazbin hotel pilot episode overview 

idk what I'm kinshifting rn 8ut its not sylvanas

8etter times do and have existed though

may8e not on a glo8al scale or anything like that, 8ut yearning for 8etter times is valid

"Creates a warm soul-like or8 that serves as a decoy and lures foes toward itself.

People regret loss, and yearn for what they do not have. Perhaps the name of this sorcery harkens to this irony."

there is a spell in Dark Souls called Yearn

"Daughter of Chaos" aka "Fair Lady", a Firekeeper and leader of the "Chaos Servants" covenant

cw scary spider

I accidentally killed her when testing out pyromancy though

I found my dark souls kin

and also I am in dark souls 2

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