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kin list (It's really long and incomplete, but most of them are in there) 

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just because i am in the shape of a person does not mean i am one

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-Ara = She/He/They
-Arach = Her/Him/Their
-Arachs = Hers/His/Theirs
-Arachself = Herself/Himself/Themselves

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time to zhut it down for the night i guezz

g∞d "night" everyone zee you z∞n

gotta 8e up to walk the dog and call out of work

i would 8e like "im juzt gonna refuze to like the pozt" 8ut i don't remem8er which 8log iz yourz

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TT: figuring your shift be like
TT: Also wtf the are you doing here Dave?

zollux 8eing canonically tranz iz related to zhrek 8eing important.

I'm not kinzhifting a lot, I'm juzt having a hard time figuring it out.

remem8er the 80z when there waz juzt nudity and zex in moviez and no8ody zaid anything

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