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kin list (It's really long and incomplete, but most of them are in there) 

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Jeanne, dost thou recall the cat of extreme length

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just because i am in the shape of a person does not mean i am one

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-Ara = She/He/They
-Arach = Her/Him/Their
-Arachs = Hers/His/Theirs
-Arachself = Herself/Himself/Themselves

some asshole: *is racist and bigoted*
person: don't do that, its rude and makes people feel bad
the asshole: woah hey it was just BANTER

Sollux living on both Prospit and Derse: IT'S THE BEEEEEEEEEEEEST OF BOTH WORLDS

i had to argue with some dumbass about Hannah Montanna and I just found out he never even watched the show im so pissed

I feel like Frasier did a really good job of expressing the idea of "everyone has the possibility of being gay in them"

because stereotypes are stupid and sexuality isn't black and white

roz doyle does not care if you are gay, she just takes your name off the list of guys she can date and moves on

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