I'm not like other rich kids. I've been dead for 20 years.

*throws a dragonfruit at someone* MAGIC MISSILE

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(=TωT=) < RRRRRRRR i love dragonfruits,,,, ive never had one 8ut they. r. an aesthetique.

me: *eats a bowl of cherries*
time: *passes for 5 minutes*
me: I'm hungry again.

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(^•ω•^) < god i fuckign love cherries hrnnn

my fingers are red with the blood of my enemies.

my enemies was a bowl of cherries

*tries to do the same thing as clov*


I can't remember.

put peanut butter in your hair!

Now wash it off!

someone: I love you!
me, a rage player: x) Doubt

just watch Rick and Morty Bushworld Adventures and you'll fall in love with them again

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