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Ok yeah, got it set up.
If anyone loses access to their Trollian account due to the email system being broken, contact me either via memo or private IM via the discord.

I really wonder how much worse the rest of the internet is going to get from the twitter people escaping, considering how much better Tumblr got without them.
Just gonna watch the doomed timelines for a bit more often tbh

My last bad experience was (animal death cw) 

For bee day, the local vegan at the time posted a video saying how honey harms bees, which I thought to be a myth, so I watched it.
The video, without warning in the video or from the person, was footage of bees being basically mechanically separated.
So y'know it's just Super Fun to be shown traumatizing stuff when trying to learn what the vegans have had to share. Same person also had a 'very unwell' cow picture in their profile, too.

It's the ones that do this shit without warning that make me and others wary of all vegans, which is frustrating for I'm sure all parties. Some people just suck at stuff as little as 'heads up, the video is graphic'.

Interesting input, I don't know many vegans because I've met more than one that seem to enjoy posting animal gore about it. Which harms the label drastically, but they never listen.

I think the misconception about vegans requiring absolutely zero animal products is because it's often seen as just an extension of vegetarianism, but even then there's also a lack of good faith due to.. yknow. PETA. The above. etc.

If you talk about vegan-labelled food being strange or overpriced we have to ban you I guess, including the instance owner. sorry new rules stranger said so /joking

Anyway I'm checking in because someone reported aranea for calling vegan food expensive I guess.

general 'vegan' complaints cw 

I just wish less vegans were also militant vegans, because every "you should be a vegan" pushy person has been really uncomfortable to me.

Veggies taste good enough on their own, we don't need to see dead animals for seasoning, and yet I've met some really.. really bad apples from the vegan community. The PETA types are just a bit much to me.

Should you fail to generate your own gay at home, store-bought is fine.

"how do three guys in their 30s not have 50 bucks between them"

"well you see"
"the economy... is in shambles"

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