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Oh god did you not see my painting of Bob Tomato's hyper penis until now?

If you're not using your polycule to make horrible roleplay accounts and add long strings of bullshit in replies to rando's posts, wyd

The closest thing to a tumblr scandal rn is necrophiliacoftheday and they haven't even posted much lately

There's not even kin drama anymore it's fucked up

I miss when tumblr was alive because people do the wildest shit on tumblr. If it's dead we won't have bone thieves or AIDs-faking fanfic writers anymore

Y'ever fuck up so bad on your always-online MMO that you just get purchased

That could go in LITERALLY ANY DIRECTION I cannot wait to see what happens next

Ah, yeah, there's that yearning. Or maybe I need a chew toy. I have no idea what my brain wants right now

Do the chatbots take from followers-only or cw'd posts ........

If I made a chatbot based on my posts, it'd be entirely fucking incomprehensible.

I'm essentially looking for free slave labor masquerading as a blackrom com, to be honest.

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By which I mean, 'knows how to do shit so I can just give him my unfinished projects and he does the tedious parts out of his own boredom'.

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