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Oh god did you not see my painting of Bob Tomato's hyper penis until now?

Doctor Who was pretty ok in whatever 5 episodes I saw. Got more into Hannibal though, not much of a multiclasser.

My doctor status lies entirely on if you think doctors require any qualifications up to and including if the patient remaining alive afterwards.

I like HS^2 I just don't have the kind of spending money to read the bonus comics, really. Not legally.

Ok I'm dipping my toes into instagram because for some reason That has kinnies on it but what the Fuck do you Mean pinterest has callout posts

Anyway I just meant like, stories in general. I love fucked up internet occurrences but I'm going to just listen to crepypasta probably.

I hate getting probably-minorly injured and just immediately being ready for bed. But then again it's easy to break your toes and not actually notice.

Ok I stubbed my toe on metal and it hurts nevermind I dont care anymore

Hella bored lately, can someone on here please tell me some extremely fucked up stories that will haunt me for months?

I understand the man fork............ not entirely, but I understand........

As a trans man, I don't understand the Man Fork you retootled, but I do use the biggest spoon whenever I can.

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