"how do three guys in their 30s not have 50 bucks between them"

"well you see"
"the economy... is in shambles"

As someone with PTSD from being fucked with online too much, my feelings towards you are 'goals, I think'.

I mean yeah that's fair, but that does imply you're not quite sure, so it's still fun.

I think that more or less just means the shit I do is nonsensical enough that nothing can be taken as an obvious hint to anything, that's fun.

Is my 'crush' (hyperactive brainchemicals with no apparent reason behind them) obvious or have you not cared

I still think he'd be down probably he's bi... but also, y'know, he has tastes. Big beefy tastes.

I don't know who the other puppy is or I forgot or something.

Oh I've had multiple people crush on me, but my brain doesn't get chemicals for anyone except very specific things. Larka noticed who but I'm not sure if anyone else has? I'm not sure if he has?

Matespritship is hard when you've got nothing but unhealthy relationships to build on.

I'm still not sure what to do about my crush situation. It's sort of passing I think, not sure.

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