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I haven't looked into it really, but I hope transportation was paid for and stuff like that for the contestants.

I can see how making a competition for money seems like that, yeah, I get it. It's just also kind of sad in the 'I bet people would still have applied if there was actually a death risk' way, I guess.

I didn't care beyond 'ew rich person' before but the squid game thing was just poor taste. Just a real frowny face emoji.

What if you did it and won the real car but you have to think of MrBeast every time you drive it

The MSCHF x MrBeast collab going on is.. you spend $35 and get either a toy car, a rc car, a kiddie car, or a real fucking car.

That is a gacha.

"The Banksy of consumer culture" Ok that's not a bonus really

Oh wow this brand literally does everything, actually.

Oh the website faq says the mystery flavor is just randomly one of the other three flavors. That's sad.

I didn't realize the illegal chips were made by a shoe company.

Horse meat is so funny because they are so buff and yet so fucked up anatomically

Time to watch this Tasting History video again so I can think about horsemeat.

God did I share the review video I watched of those.. I don't remember

God. The hat I ordered from aliexpress a few weeks ago won't be here til almost February.

The mascot isn't updating for me.

Where did the jester go.

Is buddy's emoji big enough to even count as arachnophobia? They're so fluffy....

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