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okay yeah so a couple of updates:

1. not dead, still basically homeless, but i got a job at mcdonalds and it seems to be full time and $15 an hour so i'll potentially be able to like, move into a motel in like a month or two and that means when i stabilize i might be here more??? Brain has just been in a weird place

2. Val owns now. i dont wanna own it, the schism and the stuff with [REDACTED] still makes me feel real bleh, and imma be honest i don't wanna be in charge of shit anyway, so i'll just be handling the backend/coding now.

3. iunno i'm doing a lot of vtubing/undertale speedrunning now so that's cool

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oh yeah, btw, meds check, don't forget to take your meds if you need to, y'all got this, y'all know the drill.

need to learn how to make an utau voice bank,,,,

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i don't wanna live in a world where we can't make fun of the french sometimes :cowboy_pensive:

yeah no i'm just goofing with my model so i'm popping in and out

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