The #YouTube strike/boycott runs from December 10th (today) through the 13th in the United States, but also from the 14th through the 17th in the UK.

It would probably be a good idea to support the whole week.

I'm not finding a ton of information on the UK version, but the #YouTubeWalkout tag on Twitter has a number of people discussing it.

theres nothing wrong with cheating in single player games if it makes it more fun for you

Looking for reference poses & resources to use for figure drawing practice? You could watch five or six YouTube videos.

Or just one.

iโ€™m pretty kinky but iโ€™m not into the hardcore power exchange stuff like monogamy

au where all microwave ovens have their wattage printed on the front so you can tell what wattage your microwave oven has

there's no reason not too have a trans wife imo

need me some more art of strong/tall girls (especially trans girls) getting cuddles and tender intimacy and generally just not being expected to be aggressively dominant

this app is for logging on and seeing queer people be nice to each other

CSA, shit meme 

:doge: oh dang, there's a free open source alternative to photoshop, i hope its name is appropriate and not insulting

more importantly, people should wear cloaks again

Poly PSA.

Your polyamorous relationship IS INHERENTLY NOT EQUAL if one person gets to be public with you and one must keep it a secret. It reflects in literally EVERY PART of the relationship.

I understand some people have to do this to keep someone safe in the face of prejudiced people, but it will always create an imbalance that the hidden person will always feel.

i want to see a pokemon fan game where you play as a pokemon who stole a trainer's hat

and discover that nobody can tell you're a pokemon as long as you're wearing the hat

the professor offers you a starter pokemon and you just kind of bat at one of the pokeballs with a paw, so they say "the strong silent type, yeah? some of the most powerful trainers in the world were the same way"

you fight the first gym leader by placing a pokeball down with your mouth and pressing the button, and your opponent is wowed by your eccentric technique

and the whole game continues that way until your hat gets knocked off in the middle of the battle with the champion

her tears were my light 

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