ᚱeblog if ouᚱ bᚱain is made out of heese and oᚱ ouᚱ seleton is ust ommon ᚱos

lol Þe gas ompan sold m debt to a debt olletoᚱ, but i dont Pa debt olletoᚱs

i am Þining about. ats who Have Þe ᚱange daᚱling

faeboo is suh a esspit.
pᚱo-tip, neveᚱ agᚱee to modeᚱate a faeboo gᚱoup. not woᚱÞ Þe headahe

Anone else feeling paᚱtiulaᚱl [tv static] esteᚱda? ust me?

I'm on tᚱa to beat supeᚱ maᚱio bᚱos galax, whih would mae it Þe 6Þ game I've beaten eveᚱ

Psa: due to a leᚱial eᚱᚱoᚱ, aᚱson is now legal foᚱ tᚱans ppl

Love it when m favoᚱite ontent ᚱeatoᚱs fiᚱe toxi membeᚱs wiÞout tᚱepidation. This is about AH and Eᚱin Hunteᚱ

Wish I ould pla Among us in a publi lobb wiÞout some nast alling me Þe f woᚱd ause I got tᚱans in m displa name

Still living off Þe high of being a 15 ᚱ old aᚱboᚱist wiÞ a betteᚱ undeᚱstanding of sap dnamis Þan some pᚱofessionals wiÞ moᚱe Þan 15 eaᚱs of expeᚱiene

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