Love it when m favoᚱite ontent ᚱeatoᚱs fiᚱe toxi membeᚱs wiÞout tᚱepidation. This is about AH and Eᚱin Hunteᚱ

Wish I ould pla Among us in a publi lobb wiÞout some nast alling me Þe f woᚱd ause I got tᚱans in m displa name

Still living off Þe high of being a 15 ᚱ old aᚱboᚱist wiÞ a betteᚱ undeᚱstanding of sap dnamis Þan some pᚱofessionals wiÞ moᚱe Þan 15 eaᚱs of expeᚱiene

How to ill a tᚱee quil and humanel wiÞ minimal ᚱis wiÞout atuall going Þᚱough Þe effoᚱt of utting gᚱeen wood:
Shave off all Þe baᚱ aᚱound Þe base of Þe tᚱun, eep it off. It won't suᚱvive Þe winteᚱ.
It will go to sleep foᚱ Þe winteᚱ and neveᚱ wae up

Thining bout getting ᚱeeᚱtified as an tᚱee healÞ speialist... I was good at Þat.

GG: maybe you dont always have to hurry!

I want to live in a woᚱld Þat had to hallenge what ᚱight bussinesss had to exist wiÞ so muh poweᚱ, and what ᚱight Þe eveᚱman has to sap Þat poweᚱ and what ᚱight Þe eveᚱman has to nowledge of all inds

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I wanna live in a woᚱld Þat had to wᚱangle wiÞ Þe omplex moᚱal pᚱoblem Þat is "maliious haeᚱs saved Þe global eonom and held evil at Ba, b maliiousl haing"

I ust wanna live in Þe woᚱld wheᚱe haeᚱs [1994] is a doumentaᚱ

also its kinda shitty to say "it wasnt all that great" to kids who like the idea because like. at least yall got to leave your house

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i just think that like. yall can let zoomers have this

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aven, ou'ᚱe ᚱight and ou should sa it v loudl

egg story, trans problems, if you're cis dont open 

still Þining about when i was a little egg, and dᚱessed as a giᚱl foᚱ halloween as a "funn oe" and people laughed at me and it felt Bad and i was lie, embaᚱᚱased and SHIT, and lie, had a little in Þe baÞᚱoom lie "wh does Þis mae me feel bad wasnt Þis Þe point? wasnt Þis supposed to be funn oe Þat i was maing? wasnt i doing Þis TO be laughed at?"
and Þen i ust, too all of Þose Þoughts, dᚱied m teaᚱs, and FUin shoved it in The Vault and did not intᚱospet foᚱ Ten MoÞeᚱFUing eaᚱs

[comic][colorhex=dd22ee][Kan]White m[size=15]ᛃ[/size]steᚱ[size=15]ᛃ[/size] aiᚱhead flavoᚱed mountain dew[/Kan][/colorhex][/comic]

also as long as we'ᚱe taling about uᚱsed foods,
i lie maing egg dᚱop ᚱamen in Þe miᚱowave,
its good,
and i now miᚱowave egg is """dangeᚱous""" but lie,
no its not im betteᚱ Þan Þat, ou ust gotta now what ou'ᚱe doing

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