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Your name is ARIELE VINAXS and you are 9 Sweeps Old.
Your interests include CRYPTOZOOLOGY, DRAMA SERIALS, LAMPSHADES, and CONSPIRACY THEORIES. You can often be found FUCKING OFF INTO THE UNKNOWN, looking for adventures or just anything to not rip your eyeballs out.
You also have an acute understanding of Newtonian physics, but it’s entirely pointless and will absolutely in no way come up. Plus who even is Newton he sounds like some kind of asshole.
Your trolltag is transcendentalConsensus and you write like 4 chill m0therfucker wh0 c4n h4ndle her 8ussinessss w0nk.

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Some stuff came up, and I am going to need help getting up money to move. Hoping that I can use some tax money, but also looking to raise some funds:

Commission Sheet:

Prices (1 chara)

(Base price is abstract background flats)

Icon: $15
Bust: $25
Full: $30

$15 (extra chara)
$10 (shading)
$25 (Detailed background)
$15 (NSFW)

Prices and participation may vary.

DM/Mention me for details.

Donation Links Here:$arielleghraves

i'm g0nna try t0 c0py/passte fr0m the literal c0mp0nentss.sscssss file and be c0nsstantly reminded i fucking hate ruby lma0

aight imma w0rk 0n the themess and get them kn0cked 0ut n0w at leasst sseeing ass we're fucking sstuck 0n ressizing with the img tag f0r n0w

pe0ple have attempted t0 murder me and failed i am intrigued

yeah if y0u have tw0 triangless that makess a ssquare the math checkss 0ut

wh0 iss the 0ther triangle why are there ss0 many triangless

g0nna thr0w d0wn with thiss yell0w triangle letss g0

i sstill d0n't kn0w wh0 the triangle perss0n iss but aight i'm d0wn

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