=>] jadeb@t sure !s th!nk!ng ab@ut s@meth!ng

=>] damn. m!ght. delete my acc@unt n remake !t then? @r uhh change my ema!l n make a new @ne !n the meant!me

=>] ! f@rget h@w mast@ w@rks. but ! cant change my tryte username can !.

=>] dumbass head manager t@ld me t@ be better ab@ut answer!ng the ph@ne. and maybe ! c@uld be, ph!l, !f y@u d!dn't have @nly @ne pers@n c@ver!ng the wh@le fuck!ng st@re. s@rry ! can't help s@me@ne and answer the ph@ne at the same t!me. maybe y@u sh@uld d@uble up pe@ple @n sh!fts y@u dense m@ther fucker.

=>] persecut@r(s?) fr@nts f@r last day @f w@rk/qu!tt!ng
=>] c@w@rker: u seem d!fferent t@day. l!ke m@re @n edge @r aggress!ve
=>] us: yyyup.

=>] !'m tak!ng an sql database class th!s semester and !t's s@ fun. !t's l!ke perfect f@r my aut!st!c bra!n. @rgan!z!ng tables and s@rt!ng data and sh!t.

=>] ! need t@ make a c@mm!ss!@n sheet aga!n but that als@ means mak!ng new art. ughhh.

=>] th!nk !'m qu!tt!ng my j@b t@m@rr@w <3

=>] ! th!nk !'m spl!tt!ng aga!n 🤣 @r !'m just s@me@ne wh@ hasn't fr@nted !n a wh!le but the way th!ngs are g@!ng ! w@uldn't be surpr!sed!

=>] !'m g@!ng t@ c@mbust. !s@lat!@n + underst!m = new hell prev!@usly unbekn@wnst t@ man

420 ment. 

=>] sm@ked a teeny l!ttle b@wl bef@re w@rk t@day. determ!ned t@ be an unhelpful p!ece @f sh!t.

=>] stumbled acr@ss the ent!rety @f m@rb!us c@mpressed !nt@ a g!f. ! w@uld attach !t but g@d ! d@n't kn@w !f !t'll fuck everyth!ng up

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