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. Dave
. was The Imposter.  。 .
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,    .  .   .

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food time guys!
be sure to eat dinner! 🥩

food reminder!! 🥚
go get some food for lunch please! 🍜

food mention 

i want more food and wanna gobble up all of the chinese food i got

i just woke up actually
had a sausage biscuit and trying to handle mod shit in different places
you know how it is

seriously tho
some of you guys dont have ages in your bio and its very concerning

sorry i disappeared for a while
had to deal with irl shit
you know how that is

please put your age and your bio and please specify if you are kin/rp or not

if yall havent ate nows the time to do so
please get some water and take your meds

tfw you forget that trollian existed again
anyways genshin impact am i right
shame i cant play with other people cause i have to level up to 16 to even do that
so fucked

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